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News18 Bihar/Jharkhand to bring back ‘Bhabhi Ji Maidan Mein Hain’ show

The public dialogue-based show is being brought by the news channel after the pandemic

News18 Bihar/Jharkhand has relaunched its show ‘Bhabhi Ji Maidan Mein Hain’.

The show was first launched during the assembly elections in Bihar and gained immediate popularity due to its interactive format. The show was then discontinued due to the pandemic.

The show aims to connect with the rural audience of Bihar and Jharkhand. It is a public dialogue-based show where the female anchor indulges in candid conversations with the public and other guests on the critical issues of the states.

The show is anchored by ‘Bhabhi Ji’, who conducts the show in the local dialect of the region, and asks tough questions, especially on controversial matters.

The show aims to provide a platform for empowering the rural population to express their opinions on the issues that matter to them and engage in a meaningful dialog.

‘Bhabhi Ji Maidan Mein Hain’ will air on News18 Bihar/Jharkhand from Monday to Sunday at 6:26 pm and repeat telecast at 8:26 am.

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