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News 18 India hosts its flagship summit ‘News18 India Chaupal’

The latest edition of the initiative saw a conclave of luminaries, thought leaders and youth icons who deliberated and shared insights about India’s role as “Vishwaguru”

Hindi news channel, News18 India hosted its flagship summit – ‘News18 India Chaupal’ recently.

The summit was held at the Taj Palace in Delhi. The latest edition of the initiative, News18 India Chaupal, saw a conclave of luminaries, thought leaders and youth icons who deliberated and shared insights about India’s role as “Vishwaguru”.

News18 India Chaupal also hosted the leaders of the country as they reflected and discussed a host of integral issues on the backdrop of global geopolitical developments.  

The Minister of Railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw, said, “The Indian Railways has grown in leaps and bounds and currently provides employment opportunities directly and indirectly to 3.89 lakh people. We will be expanding this capacity further by 1 lakh people in the coming years. Today, we are setting new milestones in inclusive development and social upliftment. India has the highest concentration of AI innovators in the world. With our Digital India push, the nation will emerge as the pioneer of the next generation of AI technology tomorrow. Looking towards future horizons, our focus will be on expanding the last mile of telecom connectivity and digital inclusive growth. However, it is imperative that we safeguard the rights and safety of our citizens with the Data Protection Bill as we stand on the precipice of a new era of revolutionary transformation. Currently, India contributes 230 billion dollars towards the world IT industry, with over 80,000 start-ups, which employ 53 lakh personnel. Furthermore, under the visionary leadership of the Prime Minister, we have filled over 100 patents with 6G technology as we establish India as a Digital Hub. Our commitment is to foster 360 Digital Villages that will become focal points for holistic growth and inclusive good governance”.

The next session was highlighted by Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Mansukh Mandaviya who said, “For us healthcare is not commerce, for us healthcare is a service. India has emerged from the disruptions and uncertainties of the pandemic stronger and more resilient than ever before. We have empowered our Make in India vaccine and distributed over 100 crore dosages across the country. India has emerged as a pioneer of sustainable development model. Even as new variants continue to emerge, we remain vigilant and proactive in nationwide screening and testing. Our indigenous vaccines are effective on all Covid variants and provide protection to every person who has been properly and timely inoculated. Through our Indian vaccine, we have not only safeguarded our citizens, but also expanded our vaccine diplomacy across the globe. Today, India has provided vaccine dosages to over 150 countries and continues to play a pivotal role in global geopolitics. Furthermore, India has also emerged as the World’s Pharmacy and our Indian made essential drugs are being distributed in both developed and developing nations alike.”

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