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ITC’s ‘Aapne Kahan Hook Kiya’ TVC introduces its new Classmate Hook ball pen

The TVC stems from the consumer insight of losing/misplacing pens frequently

Click on the image to watch the TVC

ITC Classmate has launched a new ball pen called ‘Classmate Hook’ and to announce the same it has also released a TVC titled ‘Aapne Kahan Hook Kiya?’.

The TVC ‘Aapne Kahan Hook Kiya?’ stems from the consumer insight of losing/misplacing pens frequently. Featuring school children, the TVC lays emphasis on the proposition of the ‘Classmate Hook’ Pen, which as per the brand, can be carried with ease and can be found by the user when he needs it the most.

Vikas Gupta, Chief Executive, Education and Stationary Products Business Division, ITC, said, “ITC Classmate has been always committed to ensure consumer delight with its high-quality, innovative, and visually appealing products. Students are always on the lookout for tools which can make learning enjoyable while at the same time enhance their performance. Today’s generation is also in search of product propositions that position themselves as ‘smart and cool individuals’ among peers. ‘Classmate Hook’, a modern and trendy Ball Pen with a unique design functionality caters to this trend by adding to their style quotient and convenience, thereby becoming a smart choice for everyone.”

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