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EV motorcycle start-up Raptee appoints Royal Enfield’s Jayapradeep V as its Chief Business Officer

Jayapradeep has worked with Royal Enfield for 15 years, as Business Head – India and SAARC

Jayapradeep V

EV motorcycle start-up Raptee has announced the appointment of Jayapradeep V as the Chief Business Officer.

He comes with over 25 years of experience, during which he has worked with Royal Enfield for 15 years as their Business Head for India and SAARC region.  

At Raptee, Jayapradeep’s focus would be on establishing the brand as a premium motorcycle across the 2W category. He will also be focusing on designing and delivering the customer experience for an effortless ownership, strategize and execute pan India and international network. He will also be providing strategic support to the overall organisational development. 

Raptee is slated to unveil its range of electric motorcycles by the end of this year. The company plans to set up its first plant near Chennai.

Dinesh Arjun, Founder, CEO, Raptee, said, “JP joins Raptee just as we reach a critical inflection point. We are transitioning from being a small technology outfit to an OEM. We intend to build a brand that does justice to the state-of-the-art tech that the team at Raptee has built over the last three years. I believe JP brings the experience of building an excellent motorcycle brand and the understanding of how crucial it is to accomplish so while being frugal and lean. Moreover, with senior leadership, cultural fit is extremely important, and his MO of being very hands-on and working at ground zero is very much in line with how we work at Raptee. We're super thrilled to have him on board, and I'm personally looking forward to building Raptee alongside him.”

Jayapradeep said, “India being the major player in the Global auto industry, the Indian 2-wheeler segment has to lead the transformation to the EV segment to create a global impact. While the EV penetration in the scooter segment has crossed 10% and is growing, the EV penetration in the Motorcycle segment, which is almost 2 times of the scooter segment, is yet to see any traction, with not many players in the segment. This brings Raptee an opportunity to be the leader in the EV transformation by offering technologically advanced motorcycles with first-of-its-kind features in E2W and helping consumers upgrade from their ICE to EV effortlessly. I am really happy to be working with a very young team at Raptee, designing and developing motorcycles for the young generation consumers.”

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