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‘The Politics of Hair’ campaign aims to highlight the patriarchy observed in cultures across the globe

FCB India’s Swati Bhattacharya and Rohit Chawla joined hands to create the campaign

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FCB India and Rohit Chawla have launched a new campaign, ‘The Politics of Hair,’ to highlight the age-old patriarchy observed in various cultures across the globe.

As per the duo, The Politics of Hair is the history of Hair and Her - given the news space and the headlines that history has denied it - a newspaper that aims to connect the dots and make the audience see for themselves that a woman's hair is never about the woman's hair.

The film and installations displayed at India Art Fair, Delhi, show the cutting of hair as an act of rebellion against those who seek to control a woman’s agency by controlling her hair. 

The campaign is the brainchild of Rohit Chawla, a photographer, who spent nearly two decades in advertising at JWT before moving out to start his own design and film production company along with Swati Bhattacharya, Creative Chairperson, FCB India.

The song has been composed by Aanon H Siddiqua, a London-based Bangladeshi musician and performing artist. 

Bhattacharya, Creative Chairperson, FCB India, stated, “Unravel the history of a woman’s hair, and you unravel a history of subjugation that cuts across cultures, nations and generations. ‘Hair and Her’ calls for a clean cut with this past - asking every viewer to play a part in a plea for a freer future.” 

“The dialogue around women, their place in society and the physical representation of this power dynamic is something that not only affects each one of us; it’s a conversation we all need to be part of,” said Chawla.

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