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smallcase’s campaign showcases the importance of professional advice for investments

The campaign has been scripted by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, Deep Joshi and Puneet Chadha

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smallcase has launched two new digital creatives as part of its ongoing digital-first brand campaign.

The objective of the campaign is to increase the top-of-mind recall for their users and highlight that smallcases are created and managed by top investment experts.

The campaign scripted by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, Deep Joshi, Puneet Chadha, and directed by Ryan Mendonca showcases the pedigree of investment experts that create portfolios on their app. 

“Tanmay and team got the brief spot on and came up with highly entertaining scripts that conveyed both the variety and exclusivity aspects of the experts on the app. Very happy with the response we are getting from the creatives,” said Aniket Thakkar, Vice-President - Marketing at smallcase.

Chadha commented, “Professional investment advisors can help investors to prepare a detailed financial plan in order to help achieve their financial goals besides providing you a regular investment review. An investment advisor helps an investor determine the proper asset allocation to fit their lifestyle. It helps to evaluate existing investments and determine if they are still appropriate for meeting your short- or long-term goals. Investment advice is just what it sounds like. It means to provide recommendations or guidance that attempt to inform, guide, or educate someone about a particular investment product or series of products. These creatives are aimed to highlight the importance of an investment advisor for an investor to achieve their long-term goals.” 

The new creatives use humour to portray a common man making unreasonable requests. 

In the first creative, the cook asks the Lordship to borrow his sword wanting to use it as a skewer for making paneer tikka. In the other creative, a man tries to get a lift on a private charter, requesting to be dropped at Kanpur along the way. These requests are mocked by the ‘millionaires’ as they carry on with their lives. 

The creatives end with the message, “millionaires will not help you, but their investment experts will.”  The creatives convey that expecting to get help from marquee investment experts who manage wealth for the ultra-rich seemed as ridiculous as the situations portrayed in the creatives.

The films have been launched during the second season of Shark Tank India and will be on-air throughout Shark Tank Season 2 till March and will also be aired on digital platforms and cinema screens. 


smallcase Brand Team: Vaibhav Jalan, Prabhu Tewari, Nivedita Saikia

Production House: Bang Bang

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