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Pawan Sarda joins House of Abhinandan Lodha as Chief Growth Officer

Previously, Sarda was associated with Wingreens as Chief Marketing Officer and D2C Head for more than half-a-year

Pawan Sarda

After a short stint of nearly eight months at Wingreens, Pawan Sarda has moved on to join House of Abhinandan Lodha as its Chief Growth Officer.  

At Wingreens, Sarda was serving as the CMO and D2C Head.

Confirming the move to, Sarda stated that he has already joined House of Abhinandan Lodha.

“At the House of Abhinandan Lodha, we’re all about creating ‘New Generation Lands’ that are branded. We are a very tech-based company and position ourselves as a ‘wealth company’ that essentially works for creating wealth for its customers,” he said.

Sarda also went on to add that as of now, the company is at a very initial stage of market creation which is why his role would be to create the market and ensuring that there is both brand and category creation.

Summing up his time at Wingreens, Sarda said that although his stint was short, he is a big fan of both the brands and what they are building.

“I am extremely fond of Anju Srivastava (Founder and CEO, Wingreens) and we had a real good time jamming and creating whatever I could in a very short span of time. It was short, but a sweet experience for me wherein I learnt a lot from Anju who has really built the brand from the base. It’s truly a ‘people-driven’ brand and a woman-led organisation which has immense respect for human beings, so it has been a really good experience for me,” he said.

Commenting as to why he decided to take up the role of Chief Growth Officer after being the Chief Marketing Officer for a major part of his career, Sarda said, “I personally feel that what has changed over the years is that today marketing is not just about building brands but also about playing a strong role in the business.”

He also went on to state that marketing is a ‘growth driver’ in his opinion, as it plays an extremely strong and pivotal role as far as business is concerned.

Moreover, Sarda also emphasised that the driving force which made the role of ‘Chief Growth Officer’ tick for him was that in the world of digital, growth largely comes from marketing.

Earlier on, Sarda was the Group CMO-Digital, Marketing and e-commerce business at Future Group India for a period of six years until July 2022. 

He was also the Head-Marketing and Product Development (Domestic and International market) at Tata Housing for over three-and-a-half years starting November 2012.

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