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India TV’s "Samvad Budget Conclave 2023" to make Union Budget accessible and understandable

India TV is organizing a daylong "Samvad Budget Conclave 2023" on February 3 in New Delhi. Top ministers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government and senior leaders from the opposition parties will attend the conclave to put forth their views on the Union Budget 2023, presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Parliament on February 1.

Top-of-the-line political leaders, including Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, and a team of experts and analysts will provide insights and analysis on the Union Budget. Economists, along with income tax and capital market experts, will analyse the budget threadbare, and contextualize it in comparison with previous budgets, while explaining the broader economic and political parameters that influenced the decisions of the government while preparing the Budget.

The focus of ‘Samvad Budget Conclave 2023’ will be on the most critical aspects of the Union Budget that directly impact the daily life of the common man, the middle class, women, youths and farmers. The experts will also explain the nitty-gritty behind changes in income tax slabs, reductions in customs duties, public service spending, and key sector allocations. The conclave will provide a platform for financial experts and political analysts to discuss the budget and provide varied perspectives, through informed debate and discussion.

"Our goal is to make the contours of the Union Budget accessible and understandable to the audience, enabling them to make informed decisions and hold the government accountable for its financial decisions," said Ritu Dhawan, Managing Director- India TV. “An informed and engaged citizenry is crucial in a civil society, and this will surely promote transparency and good governance.”

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