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Good Glamm Group unveils the ‘Good Community’ in alliance with WhatsApp

The alliance will offer the Good Glamm Group dedicated support on WhatsApp Communities, as well as access to new tools and features that will help scale the Group’s reach and impact

The Good Glamm Group, the content-creator-commerce beauty and personal care conglomerate, has launches the Good Community – an omnichannel interest-based network of consumers and experts – in alliance with WhatsApp.

The Good Community will sit across all three existing divisions of the Good Glamm Group - Good Brands Co, Good Media Co, Good Creator Co.

The launch of Good Community as a strategic focus area for the Good Glamm Group will leverage WhatsApp Communities - a feature launched by WhatsApp in 2022 which allows organisations to connect multiple groups under one umbrella to stay better connected and engaged.

This alliance will provide the Good Glamm Group with dedicated support on WhatsApp Communities, as well as access to new tools and features which will help scale its impact across existing groups and community members.

The alliance will also extend to workshops and offline events where WhatsApp and the Good Community will educate members on the benefits of WhatsApp Communities for small businesses, interest-based groups, organisations and NGOs working on social causes.

The Good Community will scale online and offline networks of users and experts, allowing them to connect based on shared interests in beauty, parenting, sexual and intimate health, wellness and sustainability.

The Good Community is built on five pillars, as per the conglomerate: 

  • Create omnichannel interest-based communities aligned with the mission and purpose of all our Good Brands.
  • Scale a network of experts to support and advise the community. 
  • Focus on localisation and personalisation through data science and product and technology innovation. 
  • Leverage digital platforms such as WhatsApp as well as each brand’s native app and mobile website to facilitate community interactions.
  • Connect by hosting in-person events like fun community meetups and expert-led workshops across India.    

Naiyya Saggi, Co-Founder, The Good Glamm Group, said, “We are very excited to unveil the Good Community as the fourth strategic moat for the Good Glamm Group. We believe that deep brand love is built when community members become organic evangelists and align closely with brand mission and purpose. Given that we now have first mover advantage in the brand community space, our vision is to scale the Good Community into the largest and most engaged omnichannel network of consumers and experts based on shared deep interests, complementing the Good Glamm Group’s content-creator-commerce flywheel.”

She added, “We’re excited to collaborate with WhatsApp, one of the most loved and trusted messaging apps in the country, and help further scale WhatsApp Communities by offering the 12 million transacted customers of Good Brands who are already on WhatsApp seamless migration to to WhatsApp Communities, and create deeply engaging and enriching experiences for them. With more such platforms and initiatives to follow, our aim is to provide a friction-free and engaging experience to our users.”

Vidisha Chatterjee, Director Communications India, WhatsApp, said, "We are thrilled to support the Good Glamm Group in their cause of connecting consumers, experts and brands across the ecosystem with WhatsApp Communities. Our aim with WhatsApp Communities is to make conversations easier, efficient and more impactful by helping organisations stay connected, collaborate effectively, share information, and get things done, without compromising on the privacy and security that people expect from WhatsApp. The Good Glamm Group has already built an impressive consumer base, and with their community members on WhatsApp, we look forward to helping people connect in ways that are both meaningful and important.”

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