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ShareChat partners with Star Bharat to host ‘Shaadi ke Side Effects’ sessions

As per the platform, the Bharat audience responded well with nearly 672k users engaging with the celebrities in the four sessions

ShareChat collaborated with TV channel Star Bharat to answer all the queries of young audience about the evolving concepts of companionship and marriage through four sessions.

The collaboration consisted of four sessions held in the months of December and January, led by seven TV personalities - including Ayushi Khurana, Shoaib Ibrahim, Reena Kapoor, Rachana Mistry, Iqbal Khan, Kaajal Chauhan, Susmita Mukherjee, from shows such as 'Na Umra ki Seema ho,' 'Ajooni,' 'Dheere Dheere Se,' and 'Meri Saas Bhoot Hai'. 

As per the platform, the Bharat audience responded well with nearly 672k users engaging with these celebrities.

The sessions covered all aspects of pre and post-marital life, such as dealing with in-laws, embracing an age difference with a partner, life as a widow, and one-sided love.

The platform also said that all four sessions attracted over 100K users per session.

The session with Mohammed Iqbal Khan and Rachna Mistry from the show ‘Na Umar Ki Seema Ho’, drew the most attention, with approximately 273k users interacting with Dev and Vidhi and asking questions about ‘pyaar ki sahi umar’, as per it.

On being asked about dealing with society’s criticism, Khan replied, “When both parties in a relationship are adults and mature enough to take a decision, society’s perceptions and their comments shouldn’t matter.”

The session of Reena Kapoor, aka Bhawna Shastri from the show ‘Dheere Dheere Se’, also attracted nearly 160k users. In the ‘Kesi Hogi Tere Bina Zindagi’ session, she shared anecdotes about her life as a widow. Kapoor said, “Society sometimes puts unnecessary pressure on a person who has lost somebody close, they expect them to live in the sorrow and remain miserable. One must not surrender to these pressures, and lead their life with positivity.”

The collaboration with ShareChat allowed the stars to drive a deeper connection with the niche audience. It also allowed ShareChat users to interact with their favourites and put forward all their questions related to their shows, life, marriage and relationships, and societal norms and pressures.

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