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Customer characteristics of jewellery marketing

The jewellery businesses hold a substantial part of the marketing system, and it is also among the highest paying ones as often margins far exceed the intrinsic value of pieces. For common people, jewellery ensures they hold to some natural raw precious metals and jewels that will hold their value no matter what. This often proves useful in cases of financial instability. For instance, jewellery sales reports indicate the overall welfare of the populace. 

Currently, due to the economic crisis and increased overall competitiveness in the industry, there is more and more demand for specialized marketing for jewellery companies, new collections, and even particular pieces. One such good example is Moissanite earrings, as they perfectly show how affordable prices and good quality craftsmanship get combined in one company.

The mining and processing of the metals and stones, in addition to cutting and other jewellery production stages, make up the jewellery enterprise's organizational structure. It does not make sense to omit the marketing stage or not put enough importance on it after all the previous complex stages. Some marketing services include businesses imparting services such as appraisal centres, brokerage workplaces, diamond exchanges, and financial establishments providing lending. A more thorough marketing plan might involve individual pawnshops and customers, some interested institutions, and research institutes.

Who are the main customers of jewellery brands?

It is agreed that roughly three groups of customers are interested in jewellery brands. The first group is the customers who purchase less expensive pieces made from silver and other less expensive precious metals. In this case, the "exceptional" brand is less important, and the pieces' look and beauty are more important no matter what brand they are made from. 

The middle group gravitates closer to collecting jewellery and different pieces made from various metals but often from silver because they purchase them to be adaptable to everyday lifestyles and special occasions. Still, customers in this category are familiar with numerous jewellery brands, know many famous jewellery shops around them, and constantly search for possible pleasant deals, all while remaining in the middle group as it is mainly counted by the dollar amount spent per customer in the group.

The last category of consumers, as you might have guessed, is a group of people ready to spend a big amount of money on a single piece or a collection. These individuals seek specific, state-of-the-art, or vintage pieces of jewellery made from gold or even more expensive precious metals and embellished with massive diamonds and precious stones of excessive excellence.

Knowing these customer categories, you may assess your particular jewellery piece or collection needed in marketing and tailor your marketing audience specifically. These jewelry pieces can serve as an underlining to a selected societal group and the desire to increase the owner's status and importance. Some are motivated by personal satisfaction at the moment as a reason to buy luxury items, and people who purchase luxury items on the way to feel proud." In addition, people might be interested in jewellery as a symbolic factor when given away as a gift as a symbol of affection, promises, gratitude, and apologies.

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