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Colors Tamil to air three web series back-to-back

The series will air between February 13 to February 24 from 8:30 pm to 10 pm

Colors Tamil is going to present three web series: Cyber War, Memories and Time Out, starting Monday.

To be aired from February 13 to February 24, from 8:30 pm to 10 pm every day, the three Hindi series dubbed in Tamil oscillate between cybercrime, family drama, romance and superhuman power. 

Starting at 8:30 pm, the crime thriller titled Cyber War boasts of 20 episodes. Starring Mohit Malik and Sanaya Irani, their mission is to wipe out cybercrime in Mumbai city which springs several twists and turns along the way. Solving the Malware attack against Mumbai police on the one side to handling blackmail threats on the other lead to some compelling moments. 

Memories, is a crime fantasy romance thriller, with 13 episodes talks about superhuman power where the hero knows all the secrets, memories and desires of dead people. Starring Rohit Roy, Surleen Kaur and Priyal Gor, it will be aired at 9:30 pm and it has a well-known news anchor who uses all his superhuman powers to crack some cryptic clues and secrets of dead bodies for the police. 

Time-Out is a captivating six-episode series on mid-life crisis about two characters Radha and Rahul when the latter comes to know that the former gets pregnant. How they manage and navigate between the fear and shock of facing reality sums up to an interesting watch. Stuck between evaluating his choices and how his life can change post it, the web-series can be seen from 10 pm.

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