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Aegon Life's print campaign 'sings' a new tune for its ‘iTerm Prime’ offering

The insurance company partnered with Havas CX India to bring out the innovation for its product 'iTerm Prime'

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Aegon Life Insurance has launched a new campaign for its flagship term product, iTerm Prime.

The campaign, dubbed ‘iTerm Toh Tension Khatam’ is a print ad that comes to life on mobile.

Conceptualised by Havas CX India, the campaign reinforces the brand’s commitment to making every household financially secure. The print ad narrates the benefits of the product along with a special 10% discount for self-employed individuals.

To interact with it:

  • Readers scan the QR codes placed on the advertisement
  • Their phone comes to life and showcases the product in a way that benefits the customer. 

Akhil Almeida, Head of Marketing, at Aegon Life Insurance, said, “iTerm Prime makes life insurance accessible to Emerging India - the aspirational class who needs insurance but does not have the documents that are required by legacy insurance companies. It removes a lot of barriers that stand in the way of consumers getting adequate financial protection. iTerm Prime is easy to buy, affordable, requires zero documentation, and can be tailored to suit a consumer’s needs.”

“With this latest innovation, we’re now resetting expectations for what traditional media can achieve. Not only is it building salience and trust, but it’s showcasing the product in a way that benefits the customer. A person viewing this ad doesn’t need to download an extensive brochure or get spammed by unwanted sales calls. They can make the decision right then and there - and secure their loved ones in a jiffy.”

“Whenever we consider a marketing innovation, we consider what value it adds to the customer. The typical buying cycle for a life insurance policy is measured in weeks, and for most brands, it requires multiple interactions with a customer before they finally make a purchase. At Aegon Life, the process is so simple now that we’ve seen customers scan our QR codes and complete a life insurance purchase in a matter of minutes. This reinforces our belief that if you create something that addresses a customer’s need and package it appropriately, the customer will adopt it. And it can drive a huge shift in the industry.” 

“iTerm Prime’s zero-documentation process, coupled with its wide range of life-covers, enables customers to independently navigate the purchase journey with ease,” added Almeida.

Prashant Tekwani, Managing Partner, Havas CX India, said, "Life Insurance in the mind of the consumer is very confusing, and the brands and the terms and conditions don’t help much. When we partnered with Aegon Life, we fell in love with the approach of being "Easy and Honest", and this innovation and campaign is an attempt towards the brand's philosophy. When we first heard about the product and the inspiration behind its design for "Emerging India", we wanted to go beyond the idea of a simple print ad. Print is an important medium in the consumer journey for the product, and when it is blended with innovative technology, the result makes you sit up and take notice. We created the interactive print ad to talk about the product and give consumers an experience that brings it to life, keeping in mind the product and its benefits for the self-employed segment of India. We are proud to make this idea come to life with Aegon Life."



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