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Tata Consumer Products’ ASMR campaign announces the launch of ‘Tata Coffee Grand Premium’

The new launch is supported by a film, created using autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) that showcases the sensory journey of Tata coffee Grand Premium from bean to the cup

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Tata Consumer Products has announced the launch of its premium instant coffee ‘Tata Coffee Grand Premium’ with an exciting ASMR campaign.

The campaign was created in partnership Media Monks agency.

As per the company, the new offering is a 100% coffee blend with flavour-locked decoction crystals. The product has been launched keeping in mind the taste preference of consumers in non-South markets who tend to prefer 100% coffee blend over a coffee: chicory blend (which is more preferred in South).

The new launch is supported by a film, created using autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) that showcases the sensory journey of Tata coffee Grand Premium from bean to the cup.

ASMR videos invigorates listeners and captivates viewers intensely. The new film accentuates the brand’s positioning through a captivating ASMR video by featuring the enthralling sounds of how the coffee beans are born in the plantation, carefully plucked, dried, roasted and then grounded and processed to perfection to deliver the signature ‘Shik Shik Shik’ sound of the flavour locked decoction crystals of Tata Coffee Grand. 

The campaign integrated creativity and technology to deliver a film that resonates with brand’s core proposition of great sounding coffee. Through this campaign the brand aims to build a strong and memorable connect with consumers by leveraging the power of sonic marketing.

Puneet Das, President - Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products, said, “Our ambition is to become a significant coffee player and we continue to offer relevant and quality offerings to grow our share in the India coffee market. Indian consumers are embracing a new wave of coffee. Hence, as we continue to expand our presence and reach to consumers across India we are strengthening our portfolio across the country with the launch of Tata Coffee Grand Premium- a 100% coffee blend with flavour locked decoction crystals that gives consumers a rich and aromatic cup of coffee”.

He further said, “The differentiation of Tata Coffee Grand is the signature Shik Shik Shik sound of the flavour locked decoction crystals. Hence, it was only natural to bring the brand story alive through sensorial stimulation which is unique to ASMR. The new launch will be scaled by leveraging TCPL’s network and distribution reach across channels including E-commerce and modern trade”

Azazul Haque, Director, Media Monks, said, “The brief was to bring alive the product differentiation of flavor locked decoction crystals by creating an ASMR experience for the audience. ASMR also known as ‘Brain Massage’ uses whispers and sounds to create sensations in the audience so they don't only see the visuals but also feel it. We thought of telling the story of birth of Shik Shik Shik, the sound coffee crystals to convey the idea that every sip of Tata Coffee Grand Premium will make you feel you are experiencing the sounds in an estate where coffee is born.”


Agency: Media Monks

Chief Content Officer: Azaz Ul Haque

Creative Director: Mahima Kukreja

Creative Copy: Aananya Dixit

Creative Lead: Prabahi Mukherjee

Art Director: Rahul Negi

Account Management:

Chief Operating Officer: Kiran Ramamurthy

Vice-President: Kamala Gowri Venkateswaran

Account Director: Rikesh Premchandra

Social Media Manager: Rishi Shukla

Account Manager: Divyansha Khatri

Production House:

Head of Films and MD: Robert Godinho (Head of Films and MD)

DOP: Arkodeb Mukherjee (DOP)

Account Director: Rikesh Premchandra

DA:  Adit Thakur (DA)

Producer and AD: Ayush Kathuria

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