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Ryan Reynolds seems amazed by ChatGPT’s abilities in new Mint Mobile ad

After seeing the final script produced by the program, Reynolds said that the results are "mildly terrifying but compelling"

Actor and entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds has become the latest celebrity to use ChatGPT and be shocked by its capabilities. In the latest ad of Mint Mobile, Reynolds turned to OpenAI's generative AI tool that has been making waves for its ability to not only respond to questions but also write essays and more, to write a commercial for the brand in his own voice.

As explained by Reynold in the new ad spot, posted on the brand's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handles he instructed ChatGPT to: "Write a commercial for Mint Mobile in the voice of Ryan Reynolds. Use a joke, a curse word, and let people know that Mint’s holiday promo is still going, even after the big wireless companies have ended theirs." 

In the end, after seeing the final script produced by the program, Reynolds says that the results are "mildly terrifying but compelling." 

The final write-up met all requirements of the actor for the ad script, while still sounding like him. In the ad, Reynolds is heard narrating the script produced by ChatGPT in his signature quirky and sarcastic tone.

Viewers on YouTube reacted to the new ad spot. "It's so good, I'm confused if Ryan actually wrote it or the AI did," a viewer wrote in YouTube's comment section.

"The fact that ChatGPT knew what kind of humour Ryan is known for and wrote a similar script, is kind of terrifying," another viewer wrote.

The actor also posted the ad on his official Instagram handle with a caption saying, "If this Mint Mobile ad works out, I’m going to have ChatGPT also raise my kids."

This is not the first time when ChatGPT has made the headlines. Recently, Microsoft Executive Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella had a disagreement with ChatGPT and the software apologised, all over Biryani.

Nadella asked ChatGPT to come up with the most popular south Indian tiffin items in the future and it came up with the usual suspects - idli, dosa and vada, according to a report.

But among the options was biryani and that seems to have left a bad taste in Nadella's mouth.

He told ChatGPT that as a Hyderabadi, the software cannot insult his intelligence by calling Biryani a South Indian 'tiffin.' And according to Nadella, the software said, "I am sorry! " And to keep the dialogue going after this, Nadella asked ChatGPT to create a play between Idli and Dosa over who was better. To add to the banter, Nadella asked the software to make the dialogue for a part of a Shakespearean play! Nadella was speaking at the Future Ready Technology Summit in Bengaluru on Wednesday and decided to introduce the crowd to a light-hearted ChatGPT conversation before getting into his presentation about the cutting-edge AI and Cloud innovation taking place in India. 

The hype around ChatGPT has sparked an active discussion across social media platforms.

Earlier, Siddharth Banerjee, Managing Director and SVP, India and Asia for Pearson, while talking about new rules to market in a post-Covid-19 world, had said that it is not necessary today that only your direct competition will disrupt you.

Citing an example, he said, "Classic watch brands were threatened by Apple when they launched smartwatches. Big watch brands were threatened by someone who isn’t even present in the category. ChatGPT which is a conversational AI tool is being seen as a rival to tech giants." 

Meanwhile, Niraj Ruparel, Head Of Mobile and Emerging Tech, GroupM, while mentioning about a recent event he attended, on LinkedIn wrote: "...Audiences around the world can now interact with AI services like Chat GPT and Lensa AI. ChatGPT is the latest step in the world of customisable content - it can provide infinite content, generated by AI, and will impact how we all create, consume and commercialise media moving forward. Prisma’s Lensa AI app has gone viral, turning selfies into fantastical ‘avatars’ that look like works of art."

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