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National Geographic India to present new season of ‘It Happens Only in India’

Premiering on January 15, hosts Shenaz Treasurywala and Cyrus Sahukar will unravel short, distinctive stories from across the country

National Geographic in India is back with a new season of its original series- ‘It Happens Only in India.’

Adding a tinge of quirkiness and freshness along with visuals, the brand with the actors- Cyrus Sahukar and Shenaz Treasurywala, will explore the fascinating and enriching stories of India across multiple spheres.

Premiering on January 15 at 8 pm, the show will bring forth unconventional stories around mysteries of ancient India, innovations from the world of science and technology, nature and fine craftsmanship.

The series will introduce viewers to some of India’s most wondrous places, local cuisines, astounding megastructures and art forms like PM Museum, Gatka – a traditional martial art form, Floating Post Office, Pamban Bridge, Wazwan, Hanle Observatory, Kathakali amongst others.

The 10-part series will also showcase inspiring stories of talented innovators like – Mangoman of India, Plogman of India, and Mumbra girls amongst others.

“Our constant endeavour is to narrate stories that are intriguing and inspiring that bolster curiosity among our viewers. It Happens only in India is one of our extremely popular series – having witnessed immense love and appreciation and for the coming season, we are bringing brand new stories from all corners of our country – each unique and distinctive in their own way. We will have Cyrus and Shenaz who will be seen adding in their own their charm and humour to the narratives, making it a compelling watch for our viewers,” said a National Geographic spokesperson.

“Our country is full of surprises and I have always been intrigued by the many fascinating tales India has to offer. It Happens Only in India has been a wonderful experience and gave me an opportunity to be a part of the beautiful, unique stories of our country and share them with viewers in my own style. I’m really happy to be a part of the National Geographic family and join this journey of exploration,” said Sahukar.

“I have always been a travel enthusiast and absolutely love exploring fascinating new cultures and quirky places around the world. It Happens Only in India is where I travel around our incredible country showcasing the depth of stories that our own country has to offer and bring them in my own narrative style. I am really excited to have this show on National Geographic,” Treasurywala added.

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