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LensKart’s new campaign featuring KJO and Peyush Bansal amuses netizens

The advertising campaign has been conceptualised by Tanmay Bhatt and Co.

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LensKart’s new campaign – titled ‘The War of Fair Prices’ - featuring Karan Johar and the company’s CEO Peyush Bansal is winning the hearts and minds of netizens.

The campaign has been executed by Tanmay Bhatt, Puneet Chadha, Devaiah Bopanna, Deep Joshi and Vishal Dayama and has the team’s signature style all over it. 

“Wrote this series with Tanmay Bhat, Puneet Chadha, Vishal Dayama and Deep Joshi. Launching Peyush Bansal as star and Karan Johar as customer. Directed by Vasan Bala, produced by legend Shakun Batra and Jouska Films. Big thanks to Peyush Bansal and Aanchal Jain for trusting us with this fun project,” said Bopanna in a LinkedIn post. 

The campaign is aimed at showcasing the low-priced frames at LensKart with a twist. Unlike most ads that show the protagonist being impressed at low prices, this ad shows Johar being disheartened at the prices at which the products are sold, given his stature. The campaign shows Karan Johar asking Bansal to increase the prices of LensKart’s offerings so he can wear the frames openly.  "I can't be seen wearing glasses under Rs 1 lakh,” says Johar. 

The ad film has impressed audiences and industry folks alike

“Love this. What a great way to put forward your message and wonderfully executed,” said Hitesh Malhotra, CMO at BITOasis in a LinkedIn comment. 

“Ameero ki hai lagegi was killer! Perfect pairing and perfect pitch!!I so wanna see you guys brainstorm when you come up with ideas like this ... Must be so much fun,” said another. comment on LinkedIn. 

“Awesome indeed. Handled both, pockets and the aspirations of the TAs with such a nice film having none other than the founder Peyush Bansal talking i.e. building trust. Superb,” read a user.

“Love this. What a great way to put forward your message and wonderfully executed,” said another user. 

Many were seen praising comedian Tanmay Bhatt and others for the ad. While others were seen drawing comparisons between Cred and LensKart’s campaigns. 

“Looks like Lenskart hired Cred’s ad agency,” said a comment on Youtube. 

“Great concept, good execution! Creative sparks all around!” read another. 

Tanmay Bhatt and team have been behind some of the most talked about campaigns in recent months - like Rahul Dravid’s Cred ad. The team was also behind the Shah Rukh Khan and Disney+Hotstar campaign that impressed folks.

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