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India Gate’s ‘#BasmatiRiceSeNoCompromise’ campaign aims to enable customers to make the right choice

The campaign aims to play the role of a category captain nudging consumers to pick packaged basmati over loose basmati

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India Gate Foods, the Basmati rice brand from the house of KRBL, has announced its new campaign “Basmati Rice Se No Compromise”.

The campaign aims to play the role of a category captain nudging consumers to pick packaged basmati over khulla (loose) basmati.

Actor Pankaj Tripathi features in the campaign, conceptualised and created by CreativelandAsia, the new agency-on-record for KRBL.

In the campaign, India Gate has made an effort to depict various aspects of family relationships in a series of interesting films. 

In this new journey of creative campaign development, the marketing team at India Gate went back to the drawing board, conducted consumer researches across India and have developed market-specific communication pieces with a clear job-to-be-done defined across key markets.

In Hindi-speaking markets, the campaign objective is to drive consumers to switch from loose (unbranded) basmati rice to branded basmati rice category.

The core theme of the campaign is that the people don't have to compromise when picking basmati rice, a staple that makes the family's everyday meals special, just like one doesn't compromise when it comes to other important elements or events of your life.

The commercials are based on an emotional approach that subtly hints to the customers that whenever they are purchasing and utilising, they should not cut corners or compromise on the quality.

In West Bengal, the brand has a very regional take to a similar objective of driving conversion from loose to packaged basmati through a regional insight and a regional celebrity. In Bengal, the lady of the house is very particular about the quality of food that comes home to the point that she links it to the stature of her family. This is dialled up in a direct communication nudging consumer to choose India Gate Basmati over “khola chaal” (loose basmati).

In Maharashtra, the one market where India Gate is a challenger brand, a route is being adopted with the focus being on driving preference of India Gate as the being recommended by “9 out of 10 women in Maharashtra”. This campaign focuses on creating preference amongst Marathi consumers for India Gate rice.

Kunal Sharma, Head of Marketing, KRBL India, said, “With the help of this multi-market brand campaign, India Gate Foods is switching from India Ki Purani Aadat to Basmati Rice Se No Compromise. The world's No. 1 brand of packaged basmati rice is now occupying the category captain pedestal after utilising various growth levers. Pankaj Tripathi, who has considerable influence in the Hindi-speaking markets, aids in effectively communicating our point. On the other end of the spectrum, we have massive regional campaigns that have been launched in line with our brand objectives. WB and MH are already available, and additional campaigns targeting particular markets are in development. So, keep this in mind the next time you reach into a bag of rice at your neighbourhood kirana store: never compromise on your loved ones, not even for Basmati rice.”

The campaign has gone live in the new year on more than 40 TV channels, digital and social media platforms and other major media dissemination platforms.

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