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BuzzInContent’s ‘one more workout’ campaign aims to motivate people to get fit this new year

The brand has launched two TVCs, the first based on the storyline of ‘one less video, one more workout’ and the other based on ‘one less episode, one more workout’

Click on the image to watch the TVC, the health and fitness brand, has launched the ‘One more workout’ campaign, with an overarching theme about how one should make time for fitness and health in today’s changed and sedentary lifestyle.

Scrolling through reels and short videos on social media platforms has become quite a habit and people unknowingly spend hours on it. Another habit most people can relate to is binge-watching content on OTT platforms.

Taking a quirky approach towards these habits, the brand has launched two TVCs, the first based on the storyline of ‘one less video, one more workout’ and the other based on ‘one less episode, one more workout’.

These TVCs make one wonder, that while one is busy binge-watching a series if the characters of a show or the short videos come out and stops them from what they are doing and do not let them go to the next episode or scroll until you work out at cult, it would push one towards fitting in one more workout in their schedule.

The campaign has been conceptualised and written by Girish Narayandass and Anuya Jakatdar, co-founders of Bare Bones Collective, the creative agency behind the campaign.

Prachita Pujari, Brand Head,, said, “We are excited to launch this new campaign to promote fitness. This is a tongue-in-cheek jab at our screen habits which often make us lose track of time and neglect our workouts. The goal is not to be preachy but to use humour to coax people to let go of just one episode or one video so they can make time for a workout in their routine. While they feel motivated to shake up their routine, cult takes care of their workout needs with cultpass - giving them access to 600+ cult gyms and fitness centres across the country.”

Anuya Jakatdar, Co-Founder of Bare Bones Collective, said, "Cult.Fit has always been about making fitness fun and accessible and has never trivialised its importance. For’s ‘one more workout’ campaign, our creative strategy was simple: to tackle streaming and scrolling, the two main distractions that stop people from exercising. Hence the idea 'One less episode/video, one more workout' because we didn't want to say don't watch or don't scroll, we simply wanted to remind people to make room for their health."

The TVCs will run until January 31, 2023, and it will be amplified on social media handles, and YouTube channels, in the T20 India vs Sri Lanka match, India vs New Zealand T20s on the television and India vs Sri Lanka and Ind vs New Zealand T20s and ODIs in Hotstar.

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