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SleepyCat’s #ChampionsAreAlsoSleepyCats campaign features Ruturaj Gaikwad and Harleen Deol

The campaign features Gaikwad and Deol who are up and coming talents in the world of Indian cricket, aiming to build their own legacies

D2C sleep solutions brand, SleepyCat has launched ‘Champions Are Also SleepyCats' campaign showcasing how upcoming cricket champions Ruturaj Gaikwad and Harleen Deol rely on their SleepyCat Ultima Mattresses for the most restful sleep.

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The campaign features Gaikwad and Deol who are up and coming talents in the world of Indian cricket, aiming to build their own legacies. The video is based around their strives and dedication to their sport but also how rest is actively practiced in their busy regimes, without compromise.

In a category that is dominated by Bollywood celebrity endorsements, SleepyCat hopes to stand out as unique by partnering with these talented and promising sports personalities.

Gaikwad and Deol epitomise intense hard work and extreme fitness, which is visible to their audiences as well. But what the world doesn’t see is what matters the most - their rest and recovery.

SleepyCat recognised that in India, prioritising “rest” is often seen as being “lazy”. In fact, many Indians believe that if you're not constantly hustling, you're failing. The brand stands to challenge this norm and make guilt-free rest, an equal priority.

In both of the campaign videos the brand sheds a light on what we see when we think of a sports person which is their hours of training, team sessions, multiple tournaments and juxtaposed them with what we don't see, which is them enjoying their rest with equal priority. 

Gaikwad, Indian cricket team’s right arm off-break bowler, unveils the secret of his on-field dexterity through SleepyCat’s film campaign. Hustling through training, focus and sweat, Ruturaj’s video opens with a high-intensity moment on the field, juxtaposed with sleep- the key to his unwavering performance in every match. Gaikwad is spotted settling into his SleepyCat Ultima Mattress, while reaping the benefits of the cutting-edge CoolTEC Fabric Technology. Voicing out the importance of balancing training with sleep to enhance focus and performance, Gaikwad reaffirms himself as a champion, but also a SleepyCat.

The second film opens with Deol on her SleepyCat mattress as she balances her two aspects of life- her game and a sound sleep. Expressing what it primarily takes to be good at her game, she unveils what really counts - a restful sleep on her SleepyCat Ultima mattress. The Indian Women's Cricket team maestro is seen on the field with her calm and focused exterior that is fuelled by a sound sleep on SleepyCat’s Ultima Mattress that relieves her after a day of intense training.

Kabir Siddiq, Founder and CEO, SleepyCat, said, “Our primary mission has always been to prioritise comfort and sound sleep through our products. Partnering with Harleen Deol and Ruturaj Gaikwad - two super sports personalities that make India proud every time they come on field, it brings us immense pride to be a part of their journey. No one can question the importance of sound sleep, and with these cricketers prioritising their hours of rest and repose and choosing SleepyCat’s Ultima Mattress to aid in their recovery and rejuvenation process reaffirms our commitment to our vision: Giving India quality sleep, every night.”

Deol commented, “A comfortable mattress to me is as important as the correct bat with the appropriate size and weight. As a sportsperson, I am accountable for every choice I make- whether it's the food I eat or the number of hours I put in practicing. Similarly, the correct mattress for a good posture, pressure relieving features and one that cools me down after a heated match or trials is what helps me energise for my next day. SleepyCat is truly the right option for a perfect sleep that brings out your best and provides a restful environment.”

Gaikwad added, “Giving my 100% in every match I play has been my priority. With absolutely no grey area or scope for compromise, SleepyCat too makes sure they meet every possible requirement in order to offer sound sleep through their products. The Ultima Mattress makes recuperating after a match so seamless and comfortable, and I recommend everyone to get their hands on one. It’s truly a game-changer.”

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