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Pizza Hut’s ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’ campaign aims to promote its new Flavour Fun range

The pizza range and the campaign are targeted at Gen Z, especially the college goers and early jobbers

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Aligned with its objective of becoming a younger and everyday brand, Pizza Hut has launched a massive 360-degree campaign across India, to promote its launch of the year - a new range of 12 delectable Flavour Fun pizzas.

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The pizza range and the campaign are targeted at Gen Z, especially the college goers and early jobbers.

The campaign includes a series of fun digital films featuring Pizza Hut’s ambassador Anuradha Menon and a quirky ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’ tagline to highlight the sheer affordability and variety of the new range, which will be available at all 700+ Pizza Hut stores in India, across dine-in, delivery and takeaway.  

Conceptualised by Creativeland Asia, the digital films open with Menon talking about the new Flavour Fun pizzas available in five craveable sauces at just Rs 79, in her trademark cheeky style.

This is followed by different amusing situations, such as Menon asking ‘yeh sunke aadha litre petrol dalwane waale kya kahenge’ and cutting to a shot of performers doing the super fun ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’ dance hook step in a petrol pump setting.

The films end with her voiceover saying that Flavour Fun Pizzas are available in delicious Schezwan, Tandoori, Italian, Cheesy and Classic sauce flavours starting at just Rs 79. The visuals then cut to the free Pepsi on Box of 4 pizzas combo offer and invites customers to order now from Pizza Hut’s mobile app, website, or the nearest restaurant for a great dine-in experience. 

Neha, Chief Marketing Officer, Pizza Hut India, said, “I am tremendously excited about the launch of our bold new layer – Flavour Fun, a delectable range of pizzas at a never before price point from the brand. Given our focus on being a Younger and Everyday pizza brand in India, creating access points for our young audience is extremely important to us. With this layer, we offer ‘more for less’ so consumers can enjoy their favourite pizza brand as often as they like with enough variety to keep them coming for more. And of course, we want our customers to enjoy our ads as much as they enjoy our pizzas! Apart from the cheeky storyline, the catchy ‘Shut Up and Take My money’ tagline is meant to tease consumers into taking an action. Entertaining and engaging our young audience is critical, which is where the catchy hook step and music come in. The Flavour Fun range and campaign is just the start of our exciting journey to become younger and every day.”  

Pizza Hut’s 360-degree marketing campaign is spread across digital and social media platforms, mobile apps, OTT video and audio platforms, PR and influencer outreach, OOH and on-ground activation in youth centric locations like colleges, coaching centres, co-working and co-living spaces, in-store branding, radio and print.

The plan includes innovative collaborations with its partner brand, Pepsi, as well as aggressive promotions on Zomato and Swiggy.  

“When Pizza Hut wanted to announce a wide range of flavourful, crave-able pizzas starting at extremely pocket-friendly prices for a newer, younger audience we thought it would be apt to do it with a tinge of irreverence. “Shut Up And Take My Money” – it’s a bold new way forward in the Pizza Hut brand world, but perfect for a generation that’s upending age-old practices and habits, every day,” said Sajan Raj Kurup – Chairman and Founder, Creativeland Asia

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