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Looking to spend Rs 200-250 crore on ‘Mantra Masala’ branding: Emami Agrotech’s Krishna Mohan Nyayapati

In an interaction with, Krishna Mohan Nyayapati, Director, Emami Agrotech, talks about their foray into the spice category and their vision for the same

Krishna Mohan Nyayapati

Emami Agrotech with its ‘Mantra Masala’ offering is the latest entrant in India’s spice segment- which for years has been dominated by legacy players. The brand aims to achieve Rs 1,000 crore revenue from Mantra Masala in the next five years and will spend Rs 200-250 crore on its marketing activities.

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“We want to reach Rs 1,000 crore revenue in the next five years. We have different roadmaps for every year, month etc. We are also looking to spend almost Rs 200-250 crore on branding,” Krishna Mohan Nyayapati - Director, Emami Agrotech stated. 

Nyayapati said that actor Katrina Kaif was roped in by the brand to position itself differently and aims to bring freshness to the category.

Nyayapati said that Kaif resonates with their brand philosophy very well, and also went on to speak about the marketing strategy it would adopt to establish itself in the market in the days ahead. 

“We are bringing in something new in terms of the product and the way it is packaged so we thought it would be best to bring in an ambassador that resonates the best with it. The brand is for the modern, successful, people who are working to be on the top of the game. We believe that we are the best in packaging, we have a very strong marketing arm and hence a lot of freshness to the category. So, we thought she (Katrina Kaif) would be a good persona to match and fit into our brand,” said Nyayapati. 

“We are basically going ahead with all kinds of mediums as far as spends are concerned. Katrina will be the face of the brand. We will also be very strongly present on digital. We are also partnering with e-commerce players thereby engaging consumers who come across the brand. We are doing 360-degree marketing campaigns. This is important for us from a strategic perspective because what is important for us in the category is to communicate the uniqueness of our brand,” he added. 

What’s so different about the brand? 

Nyayapati stated that one of the biggest USPs of their brand is that the spices will stay fresh for a longer period of time. 

“The amount of research and development that went into our product is massive. We feel that the consumers will value it a lot. We are sure we will win the race and provide a good product and live up to all the promises,” he said. 

He also revealed that they are currently working on developing new flavours for the Indian market. “We are working on developing some flavours from different cuisines for Indian consumers. We have also launched some local products for the West Bengal market. There are a lot of regional nuances of the food that dictate the preferences of spices. Some of these have very rarely been offered by the existing players. We are working on some of these elements.  I’m sure in the next 12 to 24 months one will see some spices that are not present in the market being launched by us,” he stated. 

According to Nyayapati, their brand is backed by a strong distribution strategy. They are looking at reaching 5 lakh distribution outlets, they are already present on all major e-commerce platforms and modern trade formats. “By the second week of September we will be present at all the offline and online channels,” he added. 

Upon being asked if building an FMCG brand in India is a challenge today, he said, “It is a challenge to a certain extent because there are quite a few established players. However, it all depends on the different value propositions that you offer and what you are adding to the category. India is a country which offers a lot of opportunities because of the change in the old demographics because of a number of reasons like rural to urban migration.

“It all depends on which segment you want to play in. In fact, there are many brands that have risen and mushroomed well in the last 5-6 years,” he concluded.

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