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Khabar Matlab Aaj Tak: Noida towers demolition delivers 6X viewership on Aaj Tak

The customised event reporting data from BARC India reveals the channel continues with its performance without resorting to any external interferences including the landing pages

Like any other big day for news television, Aaj Tak has yet again proved its mettle without resorting to any external interferences including the landing pages.

On the day when the entire country was glued to their TV screens to watch the breathtaking event – the demolition of the Noida twin towers – Aaj Tak’s performance was true to one of its brand identities – Khabar Matlab Aaj Tak.

The 100-metre tall towers were razed at 2.30 PM on Sunday, August 28, 2022, amidst hundreds of cameras deployed to capture and telecast the moment live.

A communication sent by Aaj Tak on the next day claimed to garner more than twice concurrent viewers of the nearest competitors on their YouTube feeds. The channel reached a peak of 8 lakh viewers across its multiple feeds.

Now, the channel has released the customised event reporting (CER) data from BARC showing more than 6 times jump during 2-3 PM as compared to the average slot viewership of the channel on Sundays.

It is no.1 not just on rolling numbers across 15+ M ABC and 22+ M AB, It is actually no.1 by far on the Unrolled data as can be made out by the trends.

According to the CER data, Aaj Tak accrued 631,000 AMA between 2-3 PM among 15+, Male, NCCS: ABC in Hindi-speaking markets.

This was 552% more than the average viewership of the slot for four weeks.

Similar growth was seen on Independence Day when Aaj Tak was clear No. 1, even on rolling data, (Both 15+M ABC and 22+ M AB) beating all the landing page advantages of close competitors.

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