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Ikea India announces its new brand positioning ‘Ghar Aa Jao’ through new campaign

The new positioning is aimed at creating a deeper sense of emotional and rational connect with the customers

Ikea India has announced its new brand positioning – ‘Ghar Aa Jao’, (Come home to Ikea), with an integrated campaign across markets.

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The new positioning is aimed at creating a deeper sense of emotional and rational connect with the customers. The campaign will run across various channels like TV, print, radio, OOH, digital, social, and in stores. 

The campaign creates synergies between the brand and the traditional values of Indians inviting people to their homes for every occasion to celebrate and create memories. It reinforces that at Ikea, home is at the heart of everything they do.

The campaign aims to be an enabler to create a heart-warming experience for people to enjoy celebrations, social engagements at home and become closer to people and the space where they live.

The essence of ‘Ghar aa Jao’ comes alive in four slice of life TVCs featuring Ikea co-workers creating the experience of warmth, love, and feeling of ‘Life at Home’ while shopping at Ikea stores.

To reach out to customers through social media, Ikea has also roped in social media influencers like Mallika Dua, Danish Sait, and Jahnavi Dasetty to create engaging and humorous content around the Ghar aa Jao campaign.

Anna Ohlin, Country Marketing Manager at Ikea India, said, “Ikea’s new campaign celebrates the love for home and focuses on the value home holds in bringing people closer. The many people in India are full of warmth and love for each other, and we want to build a deep, emotional connect between our customers and their homes. With Ikea’s new positioning of ‘Ghar Aa Jao’, we are trying to tap into this cultural context while warmly inviting the many people to come and visit the Ikea store, our home, in their city.”

As a part of the campaign, IKEA will take over iconic places in the cities to reach out to the many people to share a glimpse of Life at Home at Ikea stores. Mumbai’s Gateway of India, Bengaluru’s Town Hall, and Hyderabad’s Chowmahalla Palace will be lit up to share this special message with our customers on 17th September.

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