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How are marketers tackling the festive season work pressure dives deep into the practices that the marketing minds of the industry resort to maintain their calm and composure as they are overburdened by the increased workload during the festive season

With the arrival of festive season, the workload of marketers and advertisers rises as every brand wants to cut through the clutter with the best ideas to attract audiences. In this extremely hectic phase, what is that keeps the experts sane and rejuvenates them on a day-to-day basis.

Rising Star Awards 2022, Final deadline: September 9, 2022. ENTER NOW reached out to experts to find out what keeps them going forward with a clear and cool head so that they can take the best decisions on a continuous basis and also maintain a decent work-life balance.

Shashank Srivastava

According to Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki, “Maintaining a work-life balance is not only of paramount importance during the festive period, but throughout the year.” He said that every individual has their own methods to cope-up with the work-related stress.

Commenting on what he does to maintain his mental peace when times get tough, Srivastava said, “My escape from the professional life lies in carrying out some physical activities like going for a walk or a run and watching a movie for entertainment purposes.” He added that lack of these physical activities makes the same thoughts circling back to him and so he ensures he takes time out for them regularly.

The festive season in India tends to be one of the much-awaited times of the financial years, as it is a brimming opportunity for the marketers to have robust sales and sky-rocketing customer engagements. As a result, heads of marketing teams are swamped with pitches and meetings which eats into the personal time, and also the added pressure of deciding what agency or independent bodies one should go ahead with.

Harkawal Singh

Harkawal Singh, Marketing Head- Oral Care, Dabur India, said, “In order to maintain work-life balance, I follow a daily meditation regime coupled with spending over 30 minutes on reading books, listening to music or playing video games for fun.”

Furthermore, he also emphasised that one of the driving factors for maintaining a healthy work-life-balance is spending quality time with the near and dear ones. He said, “I keep family time sacrosanct. As a result of this, I do not engage in any official work, especially on weekends and holidays.”

Shivani Behl

Shivani Behl, CMO, Pureplay Skin Sciences, the parent company of Plum Goodness and BodyLovin, highlighted the importance of staying fit on all three fronts- physically, mentally and emotionally. She said, “My wellness mantra is very simple- Eat healthy, exercise regularly, stay focused, always try to have a positive state of mind and surround yourself with the love and support of your near and dear ones.”

As the GenZs and Millennials focus on ensuring their work-life-balance, there have been conversations happening around the right timings for work. Recently, the CEO of a D2C brand had to face backlash on social media platforms for his post on LinkedIn, in which he had advocated for freshers to devote as much time as is possible on their jobs. But the work-life balance can get even trickier for those who are higher up in rank and have added responsibilities.

Karan Kumar

As per Karan Kumar, CMO, ART Fertility Clinics, “I think it's very important to strike a balance between work and family life. Not only from a holistic wellbeing point of view but also to recharge your mind and keep it fresh especially during periods of heightened activity and stress levels. Balanced nutrition, swimming and active walks do the trick for me.”

Dolly Kumar

Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director, Cosmic Nutracos, the parent company from GAIA and Skinella, stated, “The key to festive harmony is in finding the right way to juggle your personal life and work needs. Although it may appear difficult at first, with a little planning, prioritising and prep work, you can make the most of it. Stay in balance and listen to your body while embracing life to the fullest.”

She also went on to point out that with increasing screen time in the modern era, it is crucial to not only limit the screen time but also to meditate on a regular basis as it helps clear stress rising from information overload and instils creativity.

On a concluding note, Kumar asserted, “One can keep a check on their physical and mental health by eating healthy and nutritional food. Having a sound sleep is as vital as having a balanced diet along with regular physical exercises.”

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