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CTV audiences more likely to spend on discretionary products than other internet users: Interactive Avenues and Matterkind Playbook

Interactive Avenues and Matterkind have launched the ‘Decoding the Connected TV Ecosystem in India’ playbook for the benefit of brands and agencies

Connected TV audiences are more likely to spend on discretionary products/services than other internet users, as per the findings of the ‘Decoding the Connected TV Ecosystem in India’ playbook. Interactive Avenues and Matterkind have launched the playbook for the benefit of brands and agencies.

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The playbook aims to empower marketers with a comprehensive understanding of the CTV landscape, profile, and consumption behaviours of audiences and an easy-to-use digest on CTV advertising.  

As part of its vision to look at crucial aspects of the ecosystem, the playbook features interesting findings based on an India CTV consumer study of over 2,100 respondents across age groups, profiles, and locations. The study provides interesting insights into current patterns and future trends:

  • 37% of urban consumer households do not have a linear TV connection.
  • Co-viewing is emerging as a phenomenon in India with 71% of households having a common area television set-up.
  • CTV audiences are more likely to spend on discretionary products/services than other internet users.
  • CTV audiences like engaging with relevant ads: 40% CTV audience remember the ads seen during streaming.

The complete playbook can be downloaded by clicking this link .

Amardeep Singh, CEO, Interactive Avenues - a Reprise Network Company, contextualised the CTV opportunity, “Streaming viewership in the US surpassed that of Cable TV for the first time in July 2022. If this cord-cutting trend is any indication, then brands and advertisers in India are poised for exciting times in terms of exploring new advertising avenues. Given that these sought-after audiences cannot be reached through traditional linear TV, CTV becomes an indispensable platform in the media mix to achieve maximum bang for the marketing buck. I also believe that CTV has the potential to truly democratise TV advertising by allowing even low-budget advertisers to connect with audiences on TV.”

The last two years have changed the way people watch TV. With the wide selection of, and fast-growing preference for, streaming content, CTV has emerged as a crucial media touchpoint for marketers and agency professionals. For the first time ever, brands have the ability to leverage the immersive, large-screen, multi-user experience of living room television with the high measurability of digital media. This playbook is an attempt to decode this new opportunity for marketers and to provide recommendations on how they can harness the full power of Connected TV.

Paras Mehta, Business Head, Matterkind India, said, “The CTV adoption rate in the country is precisely where the scope of opportunities lies for marketers. This playbook is a guide to what the audience is consuming and their outlook on content preference and consumption. The insights are fascinating for the Indian market because the consumption trends are proof that the preference for the platform will be intensifying in the future.”

By 2025, CTV is expected to reach 40 million Indian households. In this rapidly changing landscape, publishers, marketers, and media professionals are working to leverage new-age tech, to further measure and improve the effectiveness of CTV advertising. This should help in establishing CTV as an integral part of media plans in the future.

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