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Xaxis India launches programmatic media commerce solution – ‘Discovery Commerce’

E-commerce platform Flipkart and Discovery Commerce platform Shopalyst have been onboarded as the preferred partners for the newly launched programmatic media commerce solution from Xaxis

GroupM’s outcome media specialist, Xaxis has announced the successful launch of a new programmatic media commerce solution in India called Discovery Commerce, which helps brands and advertisers navigate the evolving programmatic media commerce ecosystem and drive stronger outcomes from their media investments.

Discovery Commerce enables advertisers to utilise data signals specifically around product adoptions, search patterns, and purchase patterns, then integrate additional advertising strategies that help drive sales, build brands, and engage customers on e-commerce platforms or brand-owned sites.

Powered by Xaxis’ programmatic excellence, strong global partnerships, proprietary technology, and tailored data touchpoints, the solution creates a holistic approach to e-commerce performance, driving consumers towards purchase across various platforms and points of sale.

Subsequently, the data and insights gathered from the various touchpoints will be used as benchmarks to inform future campaigns and audience planning.

Xaxis has already onboarded multiple partners into Discovery Commerce, with specialised capabilities around data, inventory, technology, and creative, including key partnerships with Shopalyst and Flipkart.

Sankalp Mehrotra, Vice-President - Monetisation, Flipkart, shared his thoughts on the collaboration, he said, “Commerce advertising today continues to grow faster than any digital channel. Over the years, Flipkart Ads has created solutions that are disruptive, unique and scalable. Our partnership with Xaxis will unlock the next stage of exponential growth for brands of all sizes. Consumers will benefit through seeing communication that has higher relevance and a more seamless purchase journey."

In addition to driving stronger e-commerce performance and building benchmarks for future campaigns, Discovery Commerce helps brands better understand consumer behaviours and create more accurate target audiences by connecting online and offline data points.

It can reach multiple online environments, premium publishers, leading marketplaces, and shoppable media ad formats, offering a simplified and consolidated service that unites previously siloed consumer data points.

Girish Ramachandra, Co-Founder of Shopalyst, said, “We are happy to partner with Xaxis. With Xaxis’ Discovery Commerce solution, brands can make their ads instantly shoppable and help drive impressions to conversions in one seamless journey for consumers.”

Atique Kazi, President - Data, Performance and Digital Products, GroupM India, said, “We believe there could not be a more exciting time to launch this solution as there is so many opportunities for brands and advertisers to capitalise on e-commerce platform growth. From consistent datasets to campaign measurement and optimisation knowhow, there’s various key ingredients when it comes to doing e-commerce advertising right. We are delighted to be working with the likes of Shopalyst and Flipkart - further combined with the behavioural data segments from other partners, we can give our clients a deep understanding of how to leverage data to secure better outcomes.”

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