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Rediffusion to launch its new agency ‘Next’ on August 15

It will be headquartered in Mumbai, and in over the next 18 months it will expand to Delhi and Bengaluru

Rediffusion has announced that its new agency, Next, will launch on August 15. It will be headquartered in Mumbai, and in over the next 18 months it will expand to Delhi and Bengaluru.

The announcement on a Chief Executive will be made later this month.

As per Rediffusion, it will be a next-gen agency that will focus on start-ups, fintech, e-commerce, edtech, eHealth and more, and it is going to be an amalgamation of diverse talents that not only includes advertising professionals, but also young strategists, technocrats, coders and data scientists.

“We thought that Rediffusion must do something extraordinary, and out-of-the-box in its 50th year. Back then in 1973, when we first started, India needed a red-hot creative agency that could discuss not just marketing strategy with clients, but also help shape the future of their brands. For the past fifty years, we have successfully launched and helped build some of India’s finest brands. With Next by Rediffusion, we are in a way recreating history. Today the demands on a new-age agency include understanding of new concepts, new products and ideas, new technologies, data stacks, data analytics, digital and more. Rediffusion’s DNA is built around brand success – we help build a brand’s strength and stature through the most hard-hitting market strategy and impactful creatives. Next by Rediffusion will hand-hold and guide new entrepreneurs as they venture into creating new unicorns and decacorns,” said Diwan Arun Nanda, Chairman of Rediffusion.

Sandeep Goyal, Managing Director of Rediffusion, said, “Next by Rediffusion is being built around the needs of a new clientele that no longer wants old solutions. From culture experts to fintech professionals, the new agency is building a different kind of cerebral muscle. Already our teams in Rediffusion FutureTech are doing some amazing stuff for our clients – Next by Rediffusion will just take it one notch higher. Over time we will also be on-boarding corporate honchos on second innings to provide experience and gravitas to new gen enterprises.”

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