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realme TechLife’s Dizo launches a quirky campaign for its trimmer kit

The digital campaign comes in the form of three creative videos, wherein various washroom accessories are discussing and talking about the Dizo Trimmer Kit

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realme TechLife ecosystem brand, Dizo has launched three quirky videos on all its social media platforms to introduce various aspects of its recently launched four-in-one Dizo Trimmer Kit, a multi-styling tool for men.

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In the videos, the brand has tried to bring alive various washroom accessories and depicted how and what would these accessories discuss if a new member joins them. Whenever a new member joins any group or community, we often witness different sentiments – some welcome them wholeheartedly while others are giving side looks or jealous or even unhappy from them, and then there are other emotions there too.

The videos, with all the pun intended, are humorous and capture the same emotions, just imagine if the washroom elements could talk.  

In the first video, all the grooming accessories are sharing their painful experience of what all they go through to keep their man look all handsome and stylish. The scissor is unhappy because the man puts it inside the nose for trimming nose hair. The mirror talks about the difficulty this man goes through while using the standard trimmer, blades and scissors. Just then they all see their Man moving towards the washroom mirror with a buzzing sound carrying the Dizo Trimmer Kit and starts grooming his facial, head, ear and nose hair like a charm. The video takes a closer look at the awestruck expression of all objects from razor, scissors to being in total awe of the new hair trimmer.

The second video interestingly captures the charger’s concern about the Dizo Trimmer Kit not meeting often, thinking the trimmer doesn’t love it anymore. Just to put it out there, the Toothbrush romantically gets closer to the Toothpaste expressing how they meet every day and night. While the Soap gossips that the trimmer might be cheating on the charger. Right then the DIZO Trimmer Kit enters the washroom, and clarifies that he has been busy because it can go up to 240 minutes or 3 months with one charge.

The third video begins with one of a Standard Trimmer in high fever because it was not taken care of while being cleaned as the Man of the house puts it under running tap water to clean and now, he is counting his last days. The Napkin consoles the trimmer while the Tap takes a dig at them saying he can listen to all the conversation. The Soap confirms that the owner has killed three trimmers so far while the man enters with the fourth one, but it’s the latest DIZO Trimmer Kit this time. The owner puts it straight under the water and all the others shut their eyes. The newly launched trimmer by Dizo is showing off its ergonomic design, fully washable body and sharp features while the other washroom items are looking at it awestruck.

On the launch of the campaign Abhilash Panda, CEO- Dizo India, said, “We at Dizo are always working towards providing whatever is directly proportional to the consumer demands, be it a product solution or a marketing campaign. For this one – the Dizo Trimmer Kit, we wanted to be different, as always, hoping to connect with the young male consumers while also highlighting the various differentiated features of our proposition. I am glad that the videos with washroom accessories fancying the latest member while others being jealous and gossiping came out funny and equally informative, and our consumers are relating to it and loving it across our social media platforms.”

Shrenik Gandhi, Co-founder and CEO, White Rivers Media, said, “Working with Dizo has always been such a pleasure, especially because of the creative liberty and trust that the brand gives us. We knew the brand would be on board with making a choice that was bold but would resonate with the audience. And that’s how we landed on creating animated bathroom scenarios and giving the accessories a voice to talk about the brand new Dizo Trimmer Kit.  It’s a creative and engaging video that I am sure the audience will love!”

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