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Igniting fitness mindset – Here’s how LifeLong’s ‘Fight Lazy’ campaign worked wonders

The campaign conceptualised by Centrick Marketing Solutions LLP, is a movement aimed at driving kinship for Lifelong India Online

Fitness does not have to be either strenuous or just a hobby, it must be considered in relation to how we live our lives and the goal is to create a movement that will drive affinity and dispel myths about fitness and its challenges. This is precisely what Lifelong Online, a lifestyle and fitness accessories retail brand, had in mind while creating the campaign, ‘Fight Lazy’.

‘Fight Lazy’, is not about becoming a champion, having the biggest biceps, the broadest chest or the most ripped abs. ‘Fight Lazy’ is simply about starting where you are, and moving forward, pushing yourself to be the fitter you. 

As a brand, it is not catering specifically to the professional athlete rather it caters to the common man. It could be the same common man who is just looking and thinking of entering into the world of fitness at a very late stage of life.

The ‘Fight Lazy’ campaign, conceptualised by Centrick Marketing Solutions LLP, is a movement aimed at driving kinship for Lifelong India Online. The campaign kick-started with content showcasing a very different side of India’s most-followed fitness icon, Millind Soman. 

The brief given to Centrick for the campaign was to create an IP that has the potential to become big in the long run and is also relatable for the masses. 

The campaign was launched in mid-October 2021, and the first phase dealt with raising awareness about ‘Fight Lazy’ because one can’t really make this into a movement or something big unless a large awareness campaign is organised around it.

The campaign started with the film ‘Milind vs Milind’ in which one Milind is a fitness freak while the other is not very much keen on fitness. When the brand approached Milind, he too gave his nod for depicting a naturalistic human being, not having very much affinity towards fitness.

Three short films were created for the campaign: one on the treadmill, the second on the home gym, and the last on cycling. A photoshoot was organised to showcase all of the products. Krishna Shroff is also featured in one of the videos in which she discusses how she gets rid of her laziness. 

In terms of campaign ideation, as part of this activity, the company also announced a social media contest in which it urged people to ‘Do a 5km run’ or simply do ‘10 push-ups’ and tag the brand on social media. The participants were rewarded later on. 

In addition to social media and Google display campaigns, the brand conducted an OTTcampaign for a period of 2-3 months. After its awareness spree about the campaign, the brand began to engage in activations such as Milind’s sponsored rides. 

The brand also sponsored the ‘UP Yodha Team’ which competed in the Pro Kabaddi League. This is how the brand began to build more partnerships in the sports and fitness space.

This sponsorship also helped ‘Lifelong Online’ raise brand awareness.

Further this year, the brand would be doing a lot of activations, and in the next two to three months, it intends to cover larger cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai and then move on to smaller cities. 

The brand then arranged for Milind to cycle with a group of cyclists called ‘CycloFunatics’. In the initial year, ‘LifeLong Online’ started recruiting relevant influencers to carry their message. Although there are other micro-influencers involved in the campaign, Milind stands as the brand ambassador, the face of the entire concept. 

The campaign rolled out with targeting audiences in metros and tier 2 cities as they are the primary target audience of the brand. In the first phase, the brand aimed to reach out topeople who have a general interest in fitness or have searched for something relevant to fitness.

In the next phase, the brand widened the target group for this particular campaign so that they don’t end up explaining to people who are already interested in fitness, rather it plans to reach out to those who have not yet spared a thought about fitness.

As per the company, the campaign helped it increase sales by 1.5x. Fight Lazy occurred in stages beginning in October and continuing through December, while the ongoing awareness of Fight Lazy is likely to be maintained.

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