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Digital news platform CNBCTV18 launches new interactive features for on-the-go audience

Digital business news platform has refurbished its website and news offering with a simple navigation and improved front-end appearance for better news consumption.

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As part of this revamped user experience, the channel has combined news, information, and entertainment, to provide a quick global overview to its audience.

One of the most foremost additions to CNBC-TV18’s digital offerings is ‘Web Stories’, which provides short updates of the latest trending stories. This exclusive feature delivers the users with a unique and innovative visual experience, thus making news consumption possible with just a few clicks on the device screens.

The platform has also launched Minis, a segment of crisp and sharp explanatory coverage of news for digital readers on the go. The short-format content of Minis enables the busy audience to consume all forms of business news faster.

These integrated digital assets are extensions of its TV channel. is also making news consumption entertaining with an editorially run Quizzes section for inquisitive users on the platform. Accessible in the sidebar across the whole website on desktop and through mobile feeds, quizzes gamify news consumption in an interactive and engaging format.

Expanding its live TV streams, CNBC-TV18’s website will also stream its Hindi channel CNBC Awaaz and its Gujarati channel CNBC Bajar alongside CNBC English.

Smriti Mehra, CEO, Business News, Network18 Media and Investments, said, “ has always been a brand with a strong focus on the ever-evolving requirements of its viewership. The current series of features attempts to integrate and improve news consumption through different media formats. This holistic user experience makes news consumption interesting for newsreaders of all ages and preferences. Interesting and innovative presentation of news is what the young audience demands currently. Therefore, I’m confident that the new features of will successfully engage new audiences across younger demographics while providing a range of options to its current user base.”

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