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Center fresh offers a fresh take on first dates this Fresh Breath Day with Rohit Saraf and Alaya F

The campaign collaboration has been facilitated by Wavemaker India, with support on creative front from Ogilvy India

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Perfetti Van Melle’s gum and mint brand, Center fresh has chosen to commemorate Fresh Breath Day, which is falling on August 6, by calling for a fresh take to a common malaise amongst the millennials and Gen Z – the stress that comes with first dates.

The new digital campaign launched by the brand featuring Rohit Saraf and Alaya F, focuses on modern dating conundrums and seeks to change the dating experience to what it should be - fun, fresh and stress free. 

For millennials and Gen Z, the dating rule book is largely governed by how they are perceived during preliminary interactions. Young men and women give into the fear of judgment and therefore find it difficult to express their true selves, both virtually and in-person. When to text, how to frame the text, who pays the check, and why is it so hard to meet people for the first time? This dynamic is rife with overthought and anxiety when it comes to dates, especially the first date. 

Center fresh’s new digital film highlights this precise scenario and is a relatable stream of consciousness style narrative. Alaya F and Rohit Saraf go through the typical thought cycle of what happens after you meet a cute guy or girl.

They untangle the anxiousness of the when, how and what not that eventually takes the fun out of the dating experience. Center fresh with its instant fresh breath proposition is portrayed as the enabler of confidence as the film calls for a fresh, and authentic approach to dating that is not marred by the typical rules of engagement. 

Rajesh Ramakrishnan, Managing Director - Perfetti Van Melle India (PVMI), said, “Center fresh has been synonymous with ‘freshness’ at its core for almost three decades. The brand has pivoted on fresh breath confidence with contextual snippets and narratives that are relatable and resonate with the youth. This Fresh Breath Day, our endeavour is to bring the magic of first meetings and have a fresh take on stereotypical and classical rules that cloud the youth. We’re happy to onboard Alaya and Rohit as they truly represent the youth of today: confident, non-conformist, spontaneous, and strongly resonate with the brand personality.”

To drum up the engagement, both Alaya F and Rohit ask their fans to share un-stereotypical dating ideas that are fun and witty.

Two lucky winners with the freshest entries get a chance to go on date with Rohit and Alaya F on Fresh Breath Day. 

Saraf said, “Everyone including me is familiar with the odd pressures of modern dating. For me, fun and spontaneity are the most important elements to find fresh connections which made me identify with Center fresh’s new campaign. I am happy that there is a brand that’s looking out for such real situations and urging us to rethink the way we approach them. I am really looking forward to the entries and to my fresh take date.” 

Alaya F said, “For me, Center fresh represents everything that is youthful, confident, and fresh. I absolutely love Center fresh’s message for Fresh Breath Day because I see so much of myself in it. I am thrilled to be collaborating with the brand and hope all of us imbibe the message too.”

The campaign collaboration has been facilitated by Wavemaker India, with support on creative front from Ogilvy India. The campaign will be further amplified through YouTube and other social media platform promotions.

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