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Netizens heavily troll Fire Boltt’s print ad

The recent print ad by the smartwatch brand featuring Virat Kohli became a laughing stock on social media platforms

Fire Boltt seems to be the next victim of social media trolling for claiming to be India’s #1 ‘wearable watch’ brand. This started after the brand put out a print ad featuring Indian cricketer Virat Kohli.

Netizens did not restrict themselves to taking a dig at the claim of being the #1 ‘wearable’ brand, but also trashed the statistics shown on the smartwatch’s display in print ad.

“Good to see this. I can now stop trying to wear the Grandfather Clock on my hand - it's unwearable,” a post by a user named Tarun Durga, an ex-Associate Director of Deloitte India, read.

Additionally, another user on LinkedIn commented, “This is one of the most hilarious positionings I have come across in a long-long time. The most expensive newspaper ad placement, the most expensive brand endorser, and the dumbest messaging - what a recipe for comedy.”

Nikhil Narayanan’s post read, “But it's India's no.1 wearable watch brand which makes it stand apart from India's no.1 edible watch brand and India's no.1 soluble watch brand.”

In terms of the discrepancies with the watch display, a user while highlighting the need to involve domain experts while creating ads said, “Heart Rate at 800 bpm is a physiological impossibility. Beyond 180-200 bpm, the master governor (heart) will issue a 'cease and desist' order to your run.”

Adding on to this point of view, another user commented, “The rough measure of calories burnt per km is 1 gm, per km per kg of body weight. So, to have burnt 2000 calories in 10Kms the runner was probably 200 kgs in weight.”

Moreover, a user took to mocking the brand-ambassador and the brand both when he said, “Now we know why Virat is not performing well! He is able to cover 10km in 2hrs which is way below-average than a 60-year-old in India. And that too with 800bpm!!! OMG. Virat is still alive!!! This is the advertisement of India’s #1 wearable watch band!!! Yes, you read that right. It is a wearable watch brand. What a fantastic innovation. For the first time we are able to ‘wear’ a watch!!!!”

Some others also stated that, “What if they deliberately showcased wrong readings to gain free marketing!”

One of the netizens also pointed out, “This advertisement by Fire Boltt was part of Deliberate Mistake Marketing and that the brand had clubbed it really well with Bombard Marketing with a 360-degree promotion from print to OOH to media.”

With cons comes the pros as well, and no matter how wrong the ad was, with the netizens taking the troll route, the brand has gained substantial reach and awareness. Netizens are now aware of what the brand actually provides and are likely to consider it as an option before making a purchase, a few other users stated.

Meanwhile, according to a May report by IDC’s India Monthly Wearable Device Tracker, the company Fire Boltt is in the list of top 5 wearable companies owing to its 1522.2% year-over-year unit change and enjoys a market share of 6.6%.

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