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MiQ partners with Lifesight to help brands bolster their customer data strategy

MiQ has integrated Lifesight’s audience data with its customer intelligence platform to offer enhanced data enrichment for better campaign planning and activation

MiQ, the programmatic media partner for brands and agencies, has partnered with Lifesight, the customer intelligence data platform in Asia Pacific.

The collaboration is aimed at equipping marketers with consumer behaviour insights, real-time proximity targeting and footfall measurement that helps them to better plan, target, and activate their digital campaigns and effectively measure their impact on driving store visits.

Effectively targeting, engaging and converting today’s consumers is a challenge for brands with omnichannel buying journeys, changing shopping behaviours and media consumption patterns.

MiQ has partnered with Lifesight to provide marketers with audience and location intelligence, to optimise campaigns on-the-go, drive more conversions and improve return on ad spend (ROAS).

As India gears up for the festive season, marketers are looking to measure how their digital campaigns are driving in-store visits. Along with audience profiling, this partnership enables measurement of store visits, which can aid marketers from FMCG, apparel, auto, travel, hospitality, entertainment and real estate sectors to gauge the impact of their digital campaigns on sales.

Siddharth Dabhade, Managing Director, MiQ, said, “By partnering with Lifesight, we’re augmenting our data, analytics and technology capabilities to deliver targeted, high-performing and data-driven programmatic campaigns for our clients in a privacy compliant manner. This partnership will play a key role in bolstering our solutions and driving better results for our clients in India.”

Why marketers need high-quality, interest-based audience segments

The digital advertising space is increasingly cluttered, and more than 50% marketers agree that ad clutter is the biggest challenge in multi-screen campaign effectiveness. Naturally, brands and agencies need to break through the clutter in order for their campaigns to reach the right audience at the right time.

With over 1,000 pre-defined audience segments across 8 categories, and a unique reach of over 530 million profiles, Lifesight Audiences is designed to help brands and agencies to effectively reach the right consumer and break through ad clutter. The solution can help boost conversion rates by targeting the right consumer, at the right time and place through effective targeting.

According to Lifesight CEO, Tobin Thomas, “MiQ is one of the world’s leading programmatic media partners and Lifesight has been the leading audience and attribution player in the South East Asia and APAC Market since 2018. As part of our growing expansion in other parts of the globe, MiQ is the perfect partner to bring onboard. We are certain that this will bolster MIQ’s campaign effectiveness and empower brands and agencies by providing them with easy access to high quality predefined, interest-based audience segments and measurement capabilities.”

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