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LG India runs a programmatic mobile ad campaign for its ‘InstaView Door-in-Door’ refrigerator

mCanvas ran the programmatic ad across mobile websites and as per it, the campaign reached over 7.3 million users across the country

mCanvas ran a programmatic ad across premium mobile websites for consumer durable brand LG India which brought the spotlight on its offering, the InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator.

LG India wanted to ensure users that their food would remain fresh with its refrigerator – InstaView Door-in-Door, with a campaign that generates awareness about the product’s features.

“We needed a mobile ad that would help us communicate the key USP of the refrigerator – keep food farm fresh. Green is often associated with freshness, and mCanvas proposed a highly innovative ad concept that helped us drive home the message effectively,” said Ajay Kumar Sharma, Marketing Head - Home Appliances and Room Air Conditioners

mCanvas ran the programmatic ad across premium mobile websites and as per it, the campaign reached over 7.3 million users across the country. Encouraging them to switch on their phone camera and search for a green object in their environment, the campaign then unveiled the InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator.

The interaction was powered by augmented reality and colour detection technology. The CTA ‘Know More’ on the closing screen directed users to the brand’s landing page for more information on the refrigerator.

Monaz Todywalla, CEO of PHD India, said, “With omnichannel strategies taking centre stage, now more than ever, LG's new Door-in-Door Refrigerator campaign brings forth an innovative user experience - helping drive heightened awareness in the long run. With advertising dollars being spent with more intent and purpose today, embracing a programmatic, data-driven approach helped us personalise and deliver the ad experience to audience at the right time and in the right context, resulting in increased user engagement and performance.”

As per the agency, the ad witnessed over 4.5x higher engagement rate with users spending over 8 seconds on an average engaging with the ad. By enabling users to play an active role in the ad experience, the interactive element in the ad helped boost user engagement which helped achieve good results.

“With InstaView Door-in-Door, LG India has created yet another powerful refrigerator. In order to fully represent its power, we deployed our engagement solution and integrated powerful technology such as augmented reality and colour detection, to provide the audience with an immersive ad experience,” concluded Banya Saikia, Regional Head – Ad Sales (North), mCanvas.

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