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With brands eyeing on diversity in terms of gender & community, what will be the way forward for creative agencies

This year at Cannes Lions 2022 the members of the creative fraternity, including 11:11 Media, We are all Humans and Amazon Prime Video and Studio, laid emphasis on bringing diversity at both gender and community level

In the Cannes Lions 2022, many renowned faces of the creative fraternity opened up on the world moving towards a wholesome and inclusive brand presence riding on the bandwagon of bringing diversity at both gender and community level.

With the world witnessing the power of technology in the form of Metaverse and NFTs, Paris Hilton, CEO, 11:11 Media, revealed that one of the main missions of her media company is to elevate female creators, especially female artists, and give them a voice as she has been tired of being a businesswoman at the boy’s club for a long time.

“I want to make more room at the table for more women to come in and just share my platform with others,” she said.

Hilton who was dealing with digital wearables in 2015 and working on creating the metaverse in 2017 had always found herself to be excited about the usage of technology in building a new world.

Adding on to Hilton’s love for the digital space, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chairman and CEO, Vaynerx and VaynerMedia, said that as of now people don’t understand the concept of blockchain and often confuse it with the internet.

Vaynerchuck also brought out the irony in the modern world when he said, “The reality is people used to make fun of their parents for not having email or social media or a smartphone, but the truth is that today people have become their parents.”

Backing up Hilton on the diversity front was Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder and CEO, We Are All Human, when she said, “Brands have an incredible opportunity to leave the stereotypes in the past and to invest in the creation of a new narrative.”

Focussing on America’s minority-majority population count, Edelman highlighted that 20% of America is Hispanic. She also pointed out that with the engagement of United Nations Global Goals, brands are increasingly engaging and aligning their purpose-led and diversity-led activities.

“If there's one thing that Latinos are, it's growth, and if there's one thing that Latinos want, it's progress,” she said.

Actress Regina Hall in her interaction with Ukonwa Ojo, Global CMO, Amazon Prime Video and Studios, also talked about how gender plays an important role in storytelling, Hall said, “The point of view that people have, be it male, female or non-binary, is included in the storytelling, even if it’s not conscious, it does affect the way the audience receives things.”

Highlighting how connecting with the audience on an emotional level helps in pushing people to do things differently, Ojo said, “One of the things that I've learned as a marketer is that we think we make decisions with our heads but we actually make decisions with our heart and we validate it with rationale.”

According to Ojo, the one thing that the industry should be worried about is each other and humanity because with so much happening all across the world, one should not just turn a blind eye towards it. It’s the creative industry that makes people actually pay attention and care about things, according to her.

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