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Wion to launch ‘Inside Xi’s China’ docu-series

The 10-episode series aims to highlight the struggles and global aspirations of modern China

Wion, the Indian international news channel, is scheduled to launch its ten-episode documentary series ‘Inside Xi’s China’ which charts the rise of China as a global superpower.

Each 30-minute episodes aims to not only highlight the struggles of the country, but also to present a visual journey of the global aspirations, its flourishing economy, lifestyle changes of its population, the world’s perception of China, etc. 

Wion’s ‘Inside Xi’s China’, will be accessible on linear as well as digital platforms, on Indian and global feeds. Each of the episodes is written keeping in mind the dictatorship pattern and the historic relevance of ‘The People’s Republic of China’ and aims to become a reliable source of facts. The docu-series is being promoted across its electronics channel, print, social and digital platforms.

This docu-series will not only highlight the global aspirations but will also allow viewers to experience the journey of China from the times of Mao Zedong to China in modern terms. This well-researched approach will boost the curiosity amongst trade unions, potential stakeholders as well as viewers spread across globe. 

Sudhir Chaudhary, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Wion, said, "Wion has been neutral and non-biased towards the reportage of politics and other relevant news across the globe. As our audience look up to us as a trustworthy news source partner, we aim to present the facts of China’s struggle and economic success through a visual series that could cater to all age groups.”

“The news consumption and communication patterns have been evolving with time. We, at Wion strongly believe that facts can be presented by adopting a new innovative approach, which can further be an eye-opener to the end consumers. This visual journey divided into 10 episodes will help in ensuring the right information reaches a wider range of audiences who are unaware of the reality of China,” added Palki Sharma Upadhyay, Managing Editor, Wion news.

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