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Rahul Welde bids adieu to Unilever after 31 years

A well-known name in the industry, Welde was most recently the EVP of Digital Transformation and Digital Business at the FMCG conglomerate

Rahul Welde leaving the Unilever premises last time as an employee

Rahul Welde, EVP - Digital Transformation and Digital Business at Unilever, has decided to move on from Unilever after spending 31 years at the FMCG conglomerate.

“Time does fly. It has been 31 years since I started my career at Unilever on a bright day. What a ride! I am fortunate to have been able to ‘pivot’ my career several times, long before the word became fashionable, all while being in the same company. I have always believed in owning your spirit - in my case, following my mantra of ‘Joy over success’. And sustaining my undying thirst for the new and left field,” Welde wrote on social media.

A well-known face in the industry and a veteran at Unilever, Welde joined in 1991 as a management trainee and worked across a range of roles in the global organisation. He was promoted across roles like Factory Commercial Manager - Tea Exports, Regional Commercial Manager, Sales and Operations Managers and Business Manager - Popular Foods.

He then went on to become Executive Assistant to the Chairman. In January 2005, he became Media Director, Unilever South Asia, General Manager, Media Services, HUL.

Sharing about his 31-year-long journey at Unilever, he wrote, “Unilever is a great company – just too good to sum up in words. How does one leave family then? A fork in the road does come though, and it is time to move on from Unilever.”

In 2008, he was given the role of VP, Media. Eight years after that, he became the Global VP of Digital Transformation, based in the UK. He was later promoted to EVP, Digital Transformation. In February 2020, he was given the additional role of EVP, Digital Business.

When he completed 30 years at the company, back then, he took to Twitter and wrote, “When you are in the company that long, I guess you really bleed blue. It’s so much more than brands and business - it’s a family.”

Without divulging much information on his next move, he did write, “I am embarking on a new chapter – building a portfolio career, charting new waters and fostering the spirit of reinvention. I hope to have fun on the roller-coaster that the new ride will be, and am sure will meet many old and new friends along the way. As excited about the new chapter as I was when I started my career 31 years ago. Here’s looking forward to the next frontier and then some more.

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