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Parle G diversifies its biscuit portfolio with Oats - Berries & Cinnamon Biscuits

Parle aims to entice consumers with new flavours on the back of well-known brands - Parle-G and Kismi

Parle Products, the biscuits, snacks and confectionery manufacturer, is expanding the portfolio of its flagship brands Parle G and Kismi with two new offerings - Parle G Oats & Berries and Parle G Kismi Cinnamon biscuits.

With the value on the mind of many, consumers are constantly looking to trusted and well-known firms to guarantee quality. By venturing into the health segment with Parle G Oats & Berries biscuits, Parle has developed a unique product with delicious ingredients to create a new mouth-watering biscuit.

The product aims to fill the gap of an affordable health biscuit available for a price pack of Rs 10; thereby providing a healthy and inexpensive alternative for health-conscious consumers. Parle G Oats & Berries biscuits will continue the role of being the nationwide tea-time companion like Parle -G, by being an exciting and nourishing alternative. 

While tea and Parle-G biscuit is a favourite for many, coffee and cinnamon are a match made in heaven. To treat the coffee lovers, Parle-G Kismi Cinnamon biscuits will be available across India from August. It is a cinnamon product curated to accompany the coffee conversations of every caffeine connoisseur. Parle-G Kismi Cinnamon biscuits come with the legacy of Parle-G as well as Parle Kismi, both much-loved brands of Parle Products portfolio. 

Mayank Shah, Sr Category Head, Parle Products, said, “Consumers today think about health and wellness on a deeper level and are mindful of what they consume. While the healthy foods segment has seen a huge demand over the past two years, it largely caters to economically higher-class consumers. Sighting the deficit and the huge consumer need in this category, our Oats & Berries biscuits will be a trusted product for all conscious consumers. 

Similarly, as Parle G glucose biscuit is the nation’s tea time companion, we wanted to offer a dependable hit of taste with Parle-G Kismi cinnamon biscuit to compliment coffee-loving consumers. The combination of cinnamon with coffee is a gastronomical delight and our product is an ideal partner to go alongside a coffee order. 

With a lot of trial and error, we came up with our own twist on the flavors and are looking forward to making our consumers super happy with these rich-flavourful biscuits. We’re also really excited for all of the new ways coffee lovers will be able to discover our brand now and be a part of our journey.”

The latest offerings will be available at Rs 10, to consumers in the western markets of India and soon will be released in other markets by August to take advantage of opportunities in the healthy snacking market.

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