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Meesho’s new campaign urges sellers to find the right customers to grow their business

The latest campaign aims to highlight how sellers can grow their business by joining the platform and taking advantage of the multiple benefits it offers

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Meesho, the fast-growing internet commerce platform, has adapted a two-pronged approach with its latest marketing campaign to tap into India’s small businesses.

Titled ‘Sahi sahi customer, toh business ek number’, the digital campaign highlights the ‘Meesho Promise’ of how sellers on Meesho can grow their business rapidly by aiming to change their perceptions around online shoppers.

It reiterates how customers on the e-commerce platform are looking to maximise their shopping experience within a budget. The campaign also has an on-ground leg in the form of ‘Meesho Seller Express’ which will traverse the country in a bid to engage with small businesses.

The digital campaign is further divided into two phases. The first phase will focus on how Meesho provides sellers with access to a wide value-seeking customer base along with its ‘0% commission’ feature. 

The second phase will feature the newer initiatives launched this year, namely, ‘Zero Penalty’ and ‘7-Day Payments’. The ‘Zero Penalty’ feature ensures sellers are not penalised for self or auto cancellation of orders. A first for e-commerce, these features are available for all sellers registered on Meesho, thus creating a level playing field for small and medium businesses to operate online.

With a mission to enable deeper engagement with small businesses in the country, the ‘Meesho Seller Express’ will begin its journey in Bengaluru and subsequently progress to Hyderabad, Tiruppur and Coimbatore. The express will further continue its journey through the eastern, western and northern regions of India through the course of this year.

The branded canter will be present at select locations in various cities to engage with prospective sellers. Along with an introduction to Meesho, there will be exciting virtual reality games and thematic simulations as part of the experience.

Lakshminarayan Swaminathan, CXO, Supply Growth, Meesho, said, “We have just crossed 6 lakh seller registrations on the platform, recording a 7X increase since April 2021. Nearly 70% of all Meesho sellers hail from Tier 2+ cities such as Amritsar, Rajkot and Tiruppur, among others. With the kind of growth we are witnessing on our platform, we are even more focused on making deeper inroads into Bharat. Our two-pronged approach ensures that we are reaching out to MSMEs through both digital and on-ground avenues. Through the ‘Meesho Seller Express’, we aim to get up close and personal with our sellers, allowing them to share their insights and opinions.”

Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Head-West, DDB Mudra, said, “Getting the right customer pool is critical for any business to grow. Even more so if the business owner is selling on the vast ocean that is the internet. Our campaign seeks to allay the fears that every growth-oriented seller is bound to have and convince him or her that Meesho is the right platform to connect them with customers who seek both great quality and great value. And we've done this by painting an interesting picture of perception versus reality."

"During our planning phase, we identified how small business communities appreciate brands which are actively engaging with them on-ground. This experiential setup is designed to be informative as well as interactive for prospective sellers with a plethora of engaging touch points present throughout this process. We have tried to ensure that this activity focuses on giving sellers an opportunity to digitize and grow their businesses with Meesho,", said Chandra Gulati, Director of Zeeco Brand experiences. 

Each master is shot in Hindi and Tamil, and further amplified in other regional languages like Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Gujarati.

मीशो पर बेचें | अब बिज़नेस एक नंबर


Agency: DDB Mudra

Creative: Rahul Mathew, Pallavi Chakarvarti, Siddhesh Khatavkar, Harshada Menon, Mithun Rajam, Gauri Burma, Pallavi Mehrotra, Ketki Lohakare, Shubh Bhutani, Kanchi Undevia, Baskar Subbiah Thevar

Business: Nishant Saurabh, Delon Mascarenhas, Krupali Bale, Barkha Bisht

Strategy: Anand Murthy, Sanchari Chakrabarty, Mallika Yamdagni, Nikita Vijji Panangat

Films: Jay Gaikwad

Production House: Thinkpot

Director: Manoj Pillai

Executive Producer: Sunil Nair

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