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Discovery Kids to present new animation series ‘Baby Little Singham’

The series premieres on June 18, and will air every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 am and 5:15 pm, respectively

Discovery Kids is all set to mesmerise the kids with its latest show ‘Baby Little Singham’. Co-produced by Reliance Animation and Rohit Shetty films, the show will take the viewers back in time to showcase their hero’s childhood and give a glimpse into the tales that made him a mighty kid. 

Co-powered by Byju’s Classes, and Weikfield; partnered by Tata Soulfull and ITC, the show will premiere on June 18, and will air on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 am and 5:15 pm, respectively on Discovery Kids, followed by its premiere on discovery+ in August. 

In the series, ‘Baby Little Singham’ will entertain viewers with his naughty antics and mischievous pranks as he makes every day at his daycare centre a whirlwind of masti! But half the fun about watching Little Singham is seeing him fight with some crazy villains. He will also send some bad guys packing. He will face villains sent from the future by Junglee Joker to capture him before he grows up to become a super cop.

“When I was filming the first Singham movie, I never thought in my dreams that this franchise would reach such heights that not only movies, animation and games but it would also inspire to make a series like Baby Little Singham! Heroic yet entertaining is how I visualise the character of Singham, and I am extremely delighted to see how Discovery Kids and Reliance Animation have instilled values of bravery and honesty within children whilst taking the franchise to greater heights,” said Rohit Shetty, Film Director, Producer.

“We are always striving towards innovating and creating new ways to spruce up the content on Discovery Kids in order to keep our little viewers engaged and entertained at all times. By introducing more characters, our goal is to diversify the way we deliver stories to kids. Looking at how wonderfully Little Singham has been adored and appreciated, we are confident that a little peep into the backstory of our heroic baby-cop will resonate with not just kids but parents too,” said Uttam Pal, Head of Discovery Kids, Warner Bros Discovery.

"We are thoroughly enjoying the process of building an animation franchise that has a different appeal, and the baby version of Little Singham is an additional effort to keep our young viewers highly invested into the storyline. With every new launch, we aim to bid higher on the quality of content we bring to our audiences and after months of hard work, we came up with the baby version of our very own homegrown hero who is sure to not only amuse but also take the entertainment quotient up a notch," said Tejonidhi Bhandare, CEO, Reliance Animation.

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