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ABP News launches season 4 of ‘Parivartan’

Based in London, the host of the show Abhigyan Prakash will interview global experts on geopolitical issues every Saturday at 10.14 am

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ABP News is back with the fourth season of the news analysis show ‘Parivartan,’ with anchor Abhigyan Prakash as the host. The first episode of the show aired on ABP News on June 18 and will be telecast every Saturday at 10.14 am.

The channel said, “Parivartan's first three seasons were a huge success, garnering praise from critics and spectators alike. The show was called a ‘Game Changer’ in the realm of news analysis, as it thoroughly analysed the subjects of debate and added diversity as well as depth to the conversations.”

The fourth season of the show will be based and shot in London, United Kingdom. The topics chosen for the new season will cover all the major international news stories that are trending and having an impact on not only the concerned countries but also India. This season will comprise 13 episodes, with 15 minutes of engaging content, without any break.

The season will focus heavily on geopolitical concerns, India's position on them, and their effects on both India and the rest of the world. Professors from Oxford and Cambridge who are thought leaders in these disciplines will participate in the discussions and share their valuable insights. Some of the topics of debate include the Russia-Ukraine War, the collapse of Sri Lanka economy and political instability in Pakistan.

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