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Tanishq celebrates the inherent leader in every Mother with ‘The Interview’ digital film

Conceptualised by Tanishq and Talented, the 2-minute slice of life film attempts to break stereotypes around maternity break and showcases an apt description of Life’s Boot Camp through the eyes of a new mother

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Tanishq, the jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata, has launched its latest digital film ‘The Interview’ ahead of Mother’s Day. The film strives to strike a conversation with new mothers as it shines the light upon progressive womanhood by celebrating the inherent leader in every mother.

Conceptualised by Tanishq and Talented, the 2-minute slice of life film attempts to break stereotypes around maternity break and showcases an apt description of Life’s Boot Camp through the eyes of a new mother.

A maternity break teaches a woman to lead by instinct, and trust her own decisions, even when she often feels overwhelmed by advice received by others. It is only in this special phase of life that a woman really masters the art of time management and constant prioritisation while she juggles multiple roles and responsibilities both personally and professionally.

The film protagonist, Radhika, is a young mother and a promising candidate with charisma and a whole lot of rich experience. She is just back from her maternity break as she appears for a job interview.  The interviewer is curiously surprised by the mention of ‘Life Boot Camp’ on her resume, even as she describes it beautifully just like any other job experience and the responsibilities that she might not even let go of. However, the interviewer’s decision was a little divided.

The film is brand’s humble attempt to change the narrative around a maternity break of it being a gap on her resume only to uncover what it truly means; A boot camp in life and leadership.

Ranjani Krishnaswamy, General Manager – Marketing, Tanishq, Titan, said, “The woman of today is seeking to express herself with honesty and authenticity to confidently celebrate her realities. She’s thriving in her vulnerability while rising in her power to change her world. The brand believes these powerful stories build positive momentum in cultivating a world of equality and adding to her self-growth. This film is an ode to women who challenge set narratives and inspire many others to follow the change.”

Priya Mathilakath Pillai - Head - HR, Retail and Corporate & retail, Titan, said, “Work teams with better women representation bring high value to organisations. But this is not the only reason for Titan to embark on this journey. The purpose behind taking this step was that we thought it was innately the right thing to do. In the last three decades, we have built a foundation by increasing our gender representation across managerial levels, strengthening diversity enabling processes and building a culture of inclusivity. But we do not settle here. Titan is striving to continue improving women's representation and create a culture where we make sure women receive all the required support from the organisation in their journey as a mother with flexible and supportive policies.”

Binaifer Dulani, Founding Member and Creative at Talented, said, “Studies reveal that it will take at least 136 years to close the global gender pay gap, and one of the biggest factors for this is the lack of representation of women in senior leadership. We need more workplaces to see beyond the dominant culture and create equity for women so that they can make their comeback. There is no parallel to the thought differentiation and unique life experiences mothers bring to the table, yet they are constantly on the back foot when they want to make a comeback after a maternity break. Through this campaign, we want to inspire organisations to take affirmative action towards retaining and hiring mothers, and we want to inspire mothers to claim their maternity breaks as what it is - a boot camp in life and leadership.”

As a special initiative by Titan, for the month of May, Titan leader Moms shall conduct mentorship programs for new Mothers wanting to make a comeback. This would be done through a series of webinars that focus on their learnings and to share guidance and advice to embrace motherhood along with comfortably managing getting back to work after the maternity break.

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