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Snapchat is the most preferred app among 13–33-year-olds for clicking photos: Prashant Halbe of SnapChat

Prashant Halbe, Sr Creative Strategist, Snap India, spoke about how brands are using Snapchat in creative ways to reach audiences at a session held on day two of Goafest 2022

Prashant Halbe

Snapchat is the most preferred app for the people between the age group of 13-33 years for taking pictures, as per Prashant Halbe, Sr.Creative Strategist, Snap India.

Halbe also said that the app is being preferred by brands across categories for driving engagement and reaching out to audiences.

“Snapchat is the most preferred app among 13–33-year-olds for clicking photos,” Halbe said and added, “Snapchatters play with augmented reality lenses 30 times daily. He further stressed that this is a perfect fit for brands who want to engage with audiences. 

Halbe was speaking at a session, titled ‘The power of camera marketing’, held on day two of Goafest 2022. He further spoke about how brands are using AR filters creatively, giving the example of Gucci which developed an AR filter that shows the brand’s shoes on the user’s feet. 

“Brands across categories like Spotify, Netflix, Samsung, including high-end brands like Gucci, are using our lenses because of the quality of AR (Augmented Reality filters) we are offering. The camera has evolved from a hardware to a very powerful software which is moving engagement from a unidimensional to an interactive form,” he said.  

“According to our data, contrary to popular belief, the branded lenses are shared more. Brands that use AR lenses are 41% more likely to be considered according to a Harvard business article,” Halbe added. 

Snapchat also recently introduced un-skippable ads, which according to Halbe is being loved by brands. 

“We are seeing that advertising on Snapchat can help you achieve your goals across the funnel. We are not only good at upper-level play but also really good at bottom metrics that matter to brands, particularly to the D2C brands,” Halbe claimed. 

Speaking about how brands can utilise the rise of camera marketing, he stated, “AR is not something far-fetched, or in the distant future. It is now and we have an audience that uses it a lot. AR is rising to be an important tool for brands to drive engagement and attention.”

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