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Laqshya Media Group launches news distribution solution ‘’

Laqshya Public Relations, the new-age PR vertical of Laqshya Media Group, has announced that it is expanding its suite of services for brands seeking to tell their stories by foraying into the news distribution service market

Laqshya Public Relations, the new-age PR vertical of Laqshya Media Group, has announced that it is expanding its suite of services for brands seeking to tell their stories by foraying into the news distribution service market with ‘’.

This offering from Laqshya Media Group shall provide customised solutions in the print, online, and electronic media domains with the best placement opportunities for clients based on their specific requirements. is managed and developed by the in-house team of media experts and developers to offer its clients the best-in-class press release distribution services and media coverage platform. shall aim to boost the client’s brand by immediate submission to major news sites such as PTI, ANI, Bloomberg, etc., at a very competitive price range.

Atul Shrivastava, Group CEO and Executive Director, Laqshya Media Group, said, “Today, the business communication landscape has changed drastically– especially for start-ups and SMEs but for established brands as well. It’s no longer just enough to have a great product or service to cater to your customers or the public. You need to reach out to them with proper communication tools, and there can’t be anything better than PR for this. Although PR here is a relatively young industry in the true sense of the world, India is today in a mature stage of development with market size of around Rs 2500 crore. It is a very buoyant industry, much like the rest of the Indian economy, and holds tremendous promise and excitement. We are a group of diverse entities and have recently started our PR vertical under the able captaincy of Manoj and is his brainchild. If you are someone looking for authentic and effective PR distribution and subsequent placements and more, avail of our bespoke packages to get the best-in-class results in the market.” 

Manoj Barman, VP and Head, Laqshya Public Relations, said, “ is a customer-focused news distribution platform which can become the one-stop-shop for all your PR needs. When we add in cutting-edge technology, one and a half decades of experience in the industry, a user-friendly interface, and transparent pricing, it’s easy to see why companies should trust us to tell their stories in the modern-day. Effective PR distribution and subsequent placements are the most important aspects of our business model. PR is a pervasive and evolving industry that continues to develop, innovate, and adapt. strives to establish a personal connection with each client. Brands must share their stories with relevant audiences to establish a collaborative partnership and efficiently and cost-effectively address their publishing needs. Our new offering allows companies to send their news to a curated network of journalists and media outlets. We believe that it will be the key to success for many organisations in creating an impactful brand narrative that drives brand growth and credibility. The future of PR is in strong storytelling in the digital world. Laqshya PR helps brands and organisations to identify, connect and engage with customers and stakeholders to drive business results.”

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