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ITC executes 83% of campaigns using first-party data

The company has been able to produce over 3,000 content assets with the help of marketing command centres, Sixth Sense in the last one year

Marketers worldwide are preparing themselves for the cookie less world in the future. Keeping abreast with this development, ITC now executes more than 83% of campaigns using its own first-party data, wrote the company in its presentation announcing FY 22 financial results.

ITC has established marketing command centres “Sixth Sense” in Bengaluru and Kolkata, which helps the company with real-time consumer insights to launch new campaigns and products. 

The company has been able to produce over 3,000 content assets with the help of Sixth Sense in the last one year. 

The Six Sense sources information from the traditional and unconventional data sources through social listening, image analytics, Artificial intelligence, NLP, Analytical Solutions, etc. to derive insights, content and efficient media targeting. 

Market research, customer care, eCommerce, social media, media impressions and consumer activations are the sources from which ITC collects consumer data.

The Six Sense, marketing command centre, helps with real-time data in form of micro-trends, create contextual and relevant content in house, improve media targeting and efficiencies.

To create purpose-led brand experiences for the consumers, ITC has launched several initiatives like ‘Savlon Swasth India’, ‘Vivel- Women Empowerment’, ‘Mom’s Magic- NoMoreMissedCallsFromMom’, and more.

To drive digital engagement, ITC keeps on collaborating with OTT platforms and influencers at various intervals. In the past, its snacks brand Bingo had collaborated with Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora. Its fragrance brand Engage had also done some content integration web series ‘Inside Edge’ and IPL. 

The FMCG major’s net profit grew by 12% to reach Rs 4,195 crore for the January-March period, in comparison with Rs 3,755 crore a year ago. Its revenue from operations increased by 15% to reach Rs 17,754 crore versus Rs 15,404 crore YoY.

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