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India will soon be the net exporter of gaming talent & technology: Zupee’s Gaurav Mehta

The Chief Marketing Officer of Zupee, a skill-based gaming platform, shares his company’s growth plans and how India will become a global gaming hub

Gaurav Mehta

As the gaming industry continues to grow steadily, India will soon take a global stage in terms of exporting both talent and technology to the world, said Gaurav Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer at Zupee, a skill-based gaming platform.

In the month of February, BestMediaInfo reported that The High Court of Karnataka has struck down key amendments to the Karnataka Police Act, 1963, which were brought in last year to ban all forms of gambling, including online, in the state to curb the menace of gaming through Internet and apps. The judiciary system as well as the policymakers are still trying to understand and bring out a regulatory policy for the gaming industry.

Mehta said, “If you have to look from an anthropological perspective, new industries come up and then there is a fight for their licenses. A lot of time regulations will follow the industry. I don’t think this is happening for the first time. For example Crypto, regulations are still being made, the taxation from the earnings is 30%, and policy will always follow the industry till things are syncing. We are very confident that we answer all the questions that the policymakers might try to ask and at some point in time the whole transparency and symmetrical information will be starting to flow on both sides. If you see any industry anthropologically, they all go through the same. Digital business is very new for policymakers and anything new takes time to settle down. The policies will help to get more foreign investments to flow in the country and startup founders can say the legal frame of the country is pro-business.”

Talking about the transformation Zupee is trying to bring through its recent ad, wherein one can see people from every walks of life having fun by playing games and connecting, Mehta said that gaming as a sector is about 450M people gaming in some shape or form. "It might range from fantasy games to basic board games. Unfortunately, a lot of it is male-dominated, and the female audience is a step behind. Culture is not gonna change if some people dominate and some people are incentivised. Culture only changes when the majority believes in one philosophy. So we really believe that women as an audience are based on our platform.”

“Gamification has a lot of theory. How do you make your games much more productive? How do you engage your audience through some cognitive skills and decision-making skills? And that's when augmented technology works. This helps you in logical/critical thinking. So these are things that Zupee wish the gaming culture changes and is seen in the right spirit,” he added.

With the new industries such as Crypto, Blockchain, NFTs, and Metaverse coming into existence, the gaming industry is supposed to reach a new high and be a crucial part of the country’s economy, he said, adding that India needs to keep focusing on talent if it has to take a global stage.

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