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Annalect India, an Omnicom Group company, elevates their Executive Leadership Team

Effective immediately, Vishal Srivastava, former President, Annalect India, will be taking up the role of Chief Executive Officer, Annalect India

(L-R) Kiran Guruswami, Devya Patney, Kaushik Srinivasan & Vishal Srivastava

Annalect India, an Omnicom Group company, has announced the elevation of their Executive Leadership team in India. Effective immediately, Vishal Srivastava, former President, Annalect India, will be taking up the role of Chief Executive Officer, Annalect India. 

The company will be completing their 10-year milestone journey in India this August as Omnicom’s delivery and capability centre.

In addition, Annalect India is launching three key organisations to drive growth and efficiency in the business outcomes and promoting leaders to take the charge of each.

Operations Organisation: Kiran Guruswami has been a partner in the growth journey from day one of Annalect India’s inception for the last 10- years and he will take charge as the Chief Operating Officer. All business units including Media Services, Marketing Science, Technology Services, Creative Services, Global Shared Services and Governance will report to him. 

Client Success Organisation: Kaushik Srinivasan will take charge as the Chief Client Officer. This team will be responsible for driving the exponential growth and engaging with clients and Omnicom agencies to drive current and emerging capabilities. 

People and Culture Organisation: Devya Patney will take charge as the Chief People and Culture Officer. All people-centric units (Employee Experience, Talent Transformation, Talent Acquisition, HR Services & Tech, Annalect India Academy, Administration, Employer Branding & Communication) will report to her. 

All the above leaders will continue to report to Srivastava.

Speaking on the occasion, Steve Tobengauz, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Annalect Group, said, "We will be celebrating our 10-year anniversary, this August. So far this year, we have witnessed immense growth in talent, and support from Omnicom Group partners. We are confident of our strategy given the solid results and are going to double this year and expected to quadruple in next few years.”

“Our vision will require us to rethink our operating model, and ways of working. To help lead through this we are initially focusing on evolving our leadership structure to ensure that our people, agency partners and clients are supported. Vishal and the executive leadership team have been instrumental in the company’s success. I’m inspired by Vishal’s leadership with genuine concern for our people and culture. It goes without saying that none of this would be possible without the support of the entire rockstar Annalect India management team." 

Srivastava added, " I take immense pride and satisfaction in leading such an amazing group of talent at Annalect India. As I take on the role of CEO, I also believe it takes a team to get the job done and support from everyone as we work towards it. I am privileged and thankful to be surrounded by great leaders in this organisation. We are excited about the great future of our organisation and the business value it delivers to Omnicom agencies and their clients"

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