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We want to expose the category to as many people as possible through digital medium: Prabhakar Tiwari of Angel One

Tiwari, Chief Growth Officer at Angel One, speaks about the reason behind their recent rebranding exercise and how are they building awareness around the same

Prabhakar Tiwari

With millennials and Gen-Z being a digital-first generation, more and more traditional companies are focused on capturing the younger generation through digital mediums. Angel One a stock broking company recently rebranded itself from Angel Broking. It was the demand for new-age investment solutions from the millennials that made the company undergo rebranding. 

Speaking to, Prabhakar Tiwari, Chief Growth Officer at Angel One, said that in order to drive up awareness as well as maintain the youth appeal, the brand is heavily investing in digital mediums and solutions.

“If you look at the positioning of Angel One, it is about building the power of data and technology for everyday investments. While the penetration of the category is low at 4-5%, our approach is to expose the category and the brand to as many people as possible. We are preferring to do this on digital through content, as well as regular campaigns,” he added. 

Tiwari further said, “What I can tell you is that we are standing at a big number. We are also willing to match the competition if it makes sense, ROI-wise. We are already adding half-a-million consumers every month but we want to take it to 1 million per month.” 

Stating the reason for Angel Broking’s rebranding to Angel One, Tiwari said, “We decided to change the name because broking as a word didn’t really gel with the digital millennial consumers who are our core audience today. Broking as a key work is actually de-growing on Google which was not helping us. With Angel One we wanted people to take notice. We wanted to acquire new consumers who would open new accounts but also communicate with already existing account holders. We also wanted to convey our future strategy which would include loan products, insurance products, direct mutual funds and even AMC products in the future under the same brand umbrella.” 

The brand is looking to ride on content marketing to connect with audiences and is also all set to launch another 360-degree campaign, in line with their new app launch. “We had an interesting partnership with TVF. We recently did a tie-up with them for a branded content piece. It has garnered 40 million impressions on YouTube, and three million views. This was a light-hearted sketch about how Angel One is significant while making smart investments. The video was promoted across our channels and the viewership was between 18-34 years of age range and that was our focus.”

Speaking about their creative strategy, he said one of the challenges in the category is that it is heavily regulated. “A particular way of communication works well for the Gen-Z and crypto brands are leveraging that well. However, we cannot shy away from our responsibility. We have to make sure that we are not only following regulations but also going beyond and coming up with the right concepts and stories which will get people to invest in the stock market.”

“We want the campaigns to convey people to enter with a long-term mindset, and even if they enter for short term options, they should enter with their eyes open,” he added.

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