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TV9 Bangla’s ‘Dui Bhubaner Pare’ news series attempts to decode the overnight success of Ranu Mondol & Bhuvan Badyakar

The exclusive news series will premiere on TV9 Bangla this Saturday, from 10 pm, and will showcase the ‘Ek Pyar ka Nagma’ and Kachha Badam’ song makers engaging in a candid chat

TV9 Bangla has announced a news series ‘Dui Bhubaner Pare’, which will feature internet celebrities Ranu Mondol and Bhuvan Badyakar indulging in a candid chat to understand their celebrity status and identify whether their transient stardom can shed some light or leave their journey obscure in dark.

The exclusive news series ‘Dui Bondhur Pare’ will premiere on TV9 Bangla this Saturday, April 9, from 10 pm.

Ranu Mondol became a newsmaker when her video on ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hain’ went viral. She was a beggar from Ranaghat railway station. Her video created an immense buzz among the netizens across the globe. It may be recalled that Nadia-based Mondol has also carried her musical career to Bollywood.

This trend continued to be popularised when Birbhum-based peanut seller Bhuvan Badyakar took the netizens to hit the dance floors tuning to the grooves carrying the beating rhythms of ‘Kacha Badam’ song globally. Badyakar earned immense success overnight.

Nevertheless, the Birbhum-based song maker had made the globe dance to his tunes and upload the reels to share them on social media platforms.

TV9 Bangla News Series finds out the truth behind the trend- from beggar or peanut seller to star- is it an excitement or a craze?

Once again, the news on Mondol’s psychic disorder took the video centre stage among the netizens for quite some time. Recently Badyakar was called in a Kolkata-based pub to sing and dance, and the crowd went berserk.

Is poverty the only reason behind this? Or is this the beginning of their stardom?

TV9 Bangla’s news series questions their next endeavours after they have achieved short-lived overnight success of their stardom.

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